AAA Homeowners Insurance Review

Obtaining a AAA homeowners insurance quote provides you with all the information you need.

Does AAA Offer Homeowners Insurance

The Automobile Association of America (AAA) was founded on March 4th, 1902 in Chicago when 9 car clubs banded together to protest the unsuitability and lack of roads. In the subsequent years, the club grew, as did its services. AAA was responsible for one of the earliest driver education programs in the US, as well as one of the first driver and pedestrian safety programs. AAA is a powerful lobbyist to Congress and has been appointed to various important associations and committees. It has lobbied against the ‘Clean Air Act’ as well as the EPAs restrictions on pollution, and continues to lobby against public transport projects. In a bid to clean up its image, the AAA has partnered up with various environmental organizations and provided funding for numerous eco-friendly projects. Today, the AAA has expanded beyond automobiles and now offers homeowners insurance as well. AAA homeowners insurance is one branch within a much larger collection of AAA branded insurance companies, products and services. It is made up of 42 individual clubs from across the US.
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AAA Homeowners Insurance Review and Costs

Since AAA is an amalgamation of multiple clubs or branches across all of the states, each AAA branch offers slightly different services and products. In addition to this, each branch will use different underwriters for their insurance policies. This makes it difficult to provide an accurate ranking, review and cost comparison for the entire association. However, a number of individual AAA clubs are listed and ranked on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, where you can also find AAA homeowners insurance reviews. In general, AAA homeowners insurance costs are relatively low for reliable, basic cover, but customer satisfaction varies considerably from branch to branch. You must be a AAA member to be eligible for AAA homeowners insurance, but members also benefit from various discounts and special offers. Again, these discounts and offers vary according to which branch you are associated with, so it’s best to research your local AAA to see how they rank in your area.
AARP Homeowners Insurance High-Level ReviewBy the Numbers
BBB rating for AAA Homeowners InsuranceA+
AAA Renters Insurance JD Power Rating3/5
Avg. Cost for AAA Homeowners Insurance Yearly$1,473.60
Avg. Cost for AAA Homeowners Insurance Per Month$122.80

AAA Howeowners Insurance Coverage

In many cases, a basic policy with AAA homeowners insurance covers most types of personal dwellings for theft, vandalism and certain types of damage, for example, from accidents or storms. It also includes personal liability and medical expenses. You can also cover additional structures such as fences, sheds and pools. As with many insurance companies, there is a raft of add-ons that may be offered by AAA homeowners insurance, including cover for earthquakes, service lines such as power, water and sewage, certain systems like air-conditioning and heating, personal property protection, loss of use reimbursement, rebuilding and replacement cover. Each AAA branch will offer slightly different policies, so some will have less options than others. Therefore, always check your policy to ensure you understand what is included.
It’s not always clear what is covered under your insurance policy, and it’s common for homeowners to assume that mold, flood and water damage will be covered in a basic policy. Usually, mold is not covered by AAA homeowners insurance, since it is assumed that any problems, such as a leaking roof or water pipes, will be fixed before any mold can grow. Whether or not this assumption is actually feasible is debatable. It can be difficult to secure a tradesman after a major storm event, and some repairs can take long enough for mold to start growing. Most AAA homeowners insurance covers mold as long as it was caused by an event that is also covered by your policy, such as a damage during a storm. Unfortunately, flood and water damage, which are the main causes for mold, are not covered by a basic policy from AAAs homeowners insurance. They are considered add-ons, so will incur additional fees.

How Much is AAA Homeowners Insurance Near You

The average price varies considerably, especially since there are numerous branches that offer different packages and policies. That being said, an average home that is worth approximately $200,000 can expect to pay around $1,200 per year for basic cover with AAA homeowners insurance. The 5 most expensive states are those with a high occurrence of natural disasters and storm events; Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, South Dakota and South Carolina. The cheapest states for AAA homeowners insurance is Delaware, Vermont and Pennsylvania.

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Get a AAA Homeowners and Auto Insurance Discount

There are many factors that contribute to the price of AAA homeowners insurance. Cities with a higher crime rate will be more expensive. Older houses tend to have more problems with old electrics and plumbing for example, so tend to be more expensive to cover. If you house is made from costly materials then the value of your house is higher and therefore the cost to rebuild it is higher. For the same reasons, a larger house is more expensive than a small apartment. On the other hand, the proximity to fire and police stations will also change the price, and installing safety features, for instance fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and security systems can lower the price by up to 15%. Renovating your home, having a no-claim history, being retired, having a good credit score and bundling your AAA homeowners and auto insurance will make you eligible for discounts of around 10 – 23%. Adding a hail resistant roof and living in a new home can decrease the price by 35 – 40%. For current members, holding a multi-policy with AAA homeowners insurance is a good option.

Costs of AAA Homeowners Insurance Compared with Competitors

It’s always better to get a direct quote in order to accurately compare insurance companies. Some AAA branches can provide you with an instant online quote, while other AAA branches takes a little longer via email. The average cost that is often quoted for AAA homeowners insurance of $1,200 per year equates to $100 per month for a house that is worth $200,000. This is slightly higher than the national average of approximately $70 per year for the same house. There is also the cost of membership to consider, although this cost is often negated by the various discounts that AAA homeowners insurance offers. When buying insurance, you can’t beat doing your own research locally. For example, the AAA club of Southern California is ranked within the top 5 cheapest homeowners insurance providers, whereas AAA doesn’t even make the list for the top 10 cheapest insurers in Florida.

Reaching Out to AAA Homeowners Insurance

To make a AAA homeowners insurance claim, you can either call the AAA 24/7 helpline, or contact your local AAA agent. The best way to protect yourself in the event of a claim is to have photographic evidence of your home before and after the event. The more photos you have, from multiple angles, the more likely your claim will be settled quickly and to your satisfaction. When you do any general renovations or improvements to your home, make sure you take photos as well. If you need to do any temporary, emergency repairs while waiting for you claim to be approved, make sure you keep all of your receipts and keep any work to a minimum until it has been approved. It is also advised to keep a household inventory in the event that you need to replace everything, such as a house fire or earthquake. A recent removalist inventory list can be a useful tool for this purpose.
If you want to cancel your AAA homeowners insurance policy, simply call your local agent or the AAA members service helpline on 1-877-387-8378. It isn’t possible to canel AAA homeowners insurance online. The process is very similar to most other insurance companies; have all of your documentation ready, including your policy number and the date that you would like your policy to end. There is a cancellation fee if the policy is cancelled within the first 6 months, and some branches charge a cancellation fee no matter what the time period has been. AAA membership fee can also be refunded if cancelled within 30 days of the renewal date. Refunds are possible for the unused time left over on a AAA homeowners insurance policy. Be sure to also stop any automatic payments when you cancel an insurance policy. Always refer to your AAA homeowners insurance cancelation policy for specific details.

Deciding on Whether AAA is Right for Your Home

Requesting a quote is the easiest way to determine whether AAA homeowners insurance is right for your home. This will allow a direct comparison with other companies, and it will be based on local calculations and rates. If you are already a member, then using AAA for your homeowners insurance is a reasonably logical decision thanks to the numerous discounts they offer. Just remember to search for reviews and ratings for your specific city or area to help you make an informed decision. If you can overlook the slightly scarred environmental history of the company, and you are searching for an insurer that is backed by a large network of companies, then AAA could be a reliable option. And finally, when you decide on the type of cover to purchase, ensure your insurance policy includes any add-ons that were requested on your AAA homeowners insurance quote.