Allstate Homeowners Insurance Review

This review will be comprehensive in helping you learn all there is to know about obtaining an Allstate homeowners insurance quote.

Does Allstate Offer Homeowners Insurance

When searching for the right policy for your home, selecting Allstate for your homeowners insurance needs is a smart choice. They offer quality coverage at affordable rates in every state, making them the third-largest insurance company in the country. Their policies are customizable, giving you the freedom to make sure you are selecting the best coverages to protect your assets. Even if a standard homeowners insurance policy is not what you are looking for, Allstate offers countless additional coverages to make sure you are satisfied with your decision. They have such a great reputation because they are well-known by many, and they have been operational since 1931. Plenty of homeowners trust Allstate to protect their properties and personal belongings inside. Their website is full of helpful information you can use to better inform you of what is considered the industry standard and what is recommended for extra protection. In addition to this, they are transparent about their claims and showing you the most common and most costly in your local area.
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Allstate Homeowners Insurance Review and Costs

As you make your selection for the right homeowners insurance, the Allstate homeowners insurance cost is likely one of your top concerns. Sticking to a budget is important to most individuals, and Allstate offers reasonable rates so you can get the best value for what you are paying. The average Allstate homeowners insurance price runs around $930 annually for basic coverage. Most homeowners find this affordable and cost-effective. In this homeowners insurance review, you will discover if a policy is a worthwhile option for your home. The Better Business Bureau gives Allstate an A+ rating, which is a promising feature. They are also typically rated four out of five stars by their customers. People feel confident when they are insured by Allstate because the company has decades of experience in the industry. On their website, they feature an easy-to-use quoting tool that allows you to view your rates instantly. There is no need to spend time on hold waiting for a customer service representative, which their customers enjoy.
Allstate Homeowners Insurance High-Level ReviewBy the Numbers
BBB rating for Allstate Homeowners InsuranceA+
Allstate Renters Insurance JD Power Rating3/5
Avg. Cost for Allstate Homeowners Insurance Yearly$1,485.60
Avg. Cost for Allstate Homeowners Insurance Per Month$123.80

Allstate Howeowners Insurance Coverage

Allstate’s homeowners insurance covers standard protection for physical damage to your home, the belongings inside of your home, medical expenses if someone is injured on your property, and covers you against potential lawsuits made after said injuries occur. If you’d like optional coverages, Allstate also offers features such as identity theft restoration, increased coverage limits for your yard and garden, water backup coverage (if your drain backs up or your sump pump gives out), coverage if you lose your personal computer data and increased coverage for expensive musical equipment and sports equipment. When asking what does Allstate homeowners insurance cover, the answer is pretty close to everything. If you have it inside of your home, they aim to insure it for you. Most of all, what Allstate offers its customers is peace of mind. When you know your home and belongings are adequately protected, you can rest easy. Your home is very important to you, and Allstate understands this. They made the homeowners insurance purchasing process streamlined for you.
Many people wonder—does Allstate homeowners insurance cover flood damage? The answer is straightforward, as no insurance company can offer this coverage due to flooding caused by weather. This is a separate policy that must be purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program, though an Allstate agent can help you with this. Because of this, you might be wondering—does Allstate homeowners insurance cover water damage? As mentioned, there are some instances when their policies will cover it. The determining factor is based on how the water damage occurs. If it is at the fault of a covered peril, then yes, an Allstate homeowners policy will cover it at limits you select before purchasing the insurance. For the final question, does Allstate homeowners insurance cover mold, the answer is yes. Their limits are fairly low, though. They impose a $5,000 maximum limit on their claims. If you think mold is going to be a bigger issue for you in your home, then you need to look into getting additional coverage elsewhere. Most customers are okay with this because they take preventative measures to ensure that mold does not grow in their homes. Keeping humidity between 30% and 60% can help this.

How Much is Allstate Homeowners Insurance Near You

Based on the national average of $930 annually, you are likely wondering how much homeowners insurance through Allstate will cost you. The easiest way to obtain this answer is to use their comprehensive quoting tool available for free on their website. Once you input your zip code and some basic information about your home, this will give you an idea of what the costs will be to you. Because Allstate offers different policy limits, you can expect these numbers to fluctuate depending on the coverage you select.

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Get a Allstate Homeowners and Auto Insurance Discount

Allstate offers homeowners and auto insurance products, so if you are in the market for both, it makes sense to bundle them. You can save 25% on your policies when you choose this option. When you bundle auto and homeowners insurance with Allstate, you get the advantage of only having to deal with one insurer for both policies. This makes it easier to view your coverages, make changes, and pay your bills. Plus, the Allstate homeowners insurance discount that is provided is a nice incentive for you to get both at once. Many people decide to bundle their policies because they create connections with their insurance agents. When you are already working with an Allstate agent on your homeowners insurance policy, it makes sense to ask them about your auto insurance coverage options. Dealing with your insurance can already be a complex process, so simplifying this will remove a lot of the stress that comes with obtaining an insurance policy. When you get both policies with the same insurer, they are going to see you as a high-value customer. This is a good thing because they know that you are trusting them to do their very best for your home and your automobile.

Costs of Allstate Homeowners Insurance Compared with Competitors

The median Allstate homeowners insurance cost is $930, and this fares pretty low with its competitors. If you were going for a basic Travelers homeowners insurance policy, you might expect to pay around $1,200. They are one of the oldest insurance companies out there, founded in the 1800s, so they are another big name that customers trust. They have earned an A+ BBB rating with accreditation. Though, their rates still come in slightly higher than Allstate’s. If you were looking into getting Progressive for your homeowners insurance, you could expect to pay around $2,044. Their BBB rating is also an A+, but they are not accredited. Again, this all depends on your policy features and what type of coverage you decide to go with. Across the board, Allstate consistently comes in as one of the cheapest options with great coverage for your home. They remain consistent year after year.

Reaching Out to Allstate Homeowners Insurance

In the event that you need to file an Allstate homeowners insurance claim, there are a few options available to you. The first is to contact your local agent. They can get this claim started for you, helping you along the way. If you do not have a point of contact, you can call them to start the claim yourself. In the event that you do not wish to make your claim over the phone, your Allstate mobile app is capable of allowing you to file and track your claim, a great feature that lets you stay on top of the situation yourself. Many customers feel left in the dark when it comes to claims, but Allstate makes it easy for you to stay informed. Going through the claims process is normally dreaded because of the stress attached, but Allstate aims to make the experience as efficient as possible. With all of the options available, you should have no problems if you must file a claim.
Knowing how to cancel Allstate homeowners insurance is important knowledge to obtain. In case anything happens where you must cancel your policy, or you if you decide to get a new one, there are certain steps you must take to effectively cancel the insurance. Most people want to know how to cancel Allstate homeowners insurance online, but their website simply states that you must call customer service or your local agent. It is within the Allstate homeowners insurance cancellation policy that you also provide a written request to cancel the policy. This is to prevent any future liability issues from taking place. There are many reasons why you might decide to cancel your Allstate homeowners insurance policy, and you do not have to provide the “right reason” to cancel the policy. As long as you give the insurer proper notice and the documentation requested, you should have no issues canceling your insurance. If your premium is paid, you will likely be prorated for an amount based on when you cancel the policy.

Deciding on Whether Allstate is Right for Your Home

After getting your Allstate homeowners insurance quote, you can compare this to other quotes you receive. The main points you want to pay attention to are the coverage amounts and the additional coverages provided. To ensure that Allstate is right for your home, you must make sure you are comparing different quotes accurately. This is a personal decision to make about a big asset in your life, so take your time when making your decision. If you have any questions about your coverage options, you should make sure to ask your local representative to explain anything you are unsure of. Because Allstate is known for its great customer service, you can expect all of your questions and concerns to be addressed properly. Keep in mind that insurance rates also differ depending on where you live, how old your home is, and how many risks are involved. As you sign all of the paperwork, make sure that the coverage options and pricing all match what you are quoted. Getting great insurance is all in the details.