American Family Homeowners Insurance Review

In this informative review, you will discover how to get an American Family homeowners insurance quote.

Does American Family Offer Homeowners Insurance

If this is an insurance company you have ever heard of before, you might be wondering—does American Family offer homeowners insurance? They do, and they have a lot of informative content on their website to explain what their standard policy covers. With American Family homeowners insurance, you get a promise from the company that they will deliver quality service. They offer a unique feature known as a diminishing deductible; most other insurers do not offer this. If you remain claim-free for one full policy year, American Family subtracts $100 from your deductible. This can keep going up until the policy reaches its maximum limit. A helpful feature, many customers enjoy their Family homeowners policies for this reason. Having the right budget to protect your home isn’t always an option for everybody—life can happen unexpectedly, but American Family aims to make your life easier. Along with the clarity they provide, you will be sure that you are getting exactly what you pay for when you start a policy with American Family.
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American Family Homeowners Insurance Review and Costs

One of the most notable features of the American Family homeowners insurance price is that it is so low. On average, most homeowners pay $630 annually; this is almost unheard of from other insurers. When it comes to selecting a policy, many people naturally gravitate toward their plans because the American Family homeowners insurance cost is so reasonable. If you are looking for a policy with decent, standard coverage, then American Family is going to be a company that will suit your needs. Their website lists all coverage information in simple to understand terms, perfect for any homeowner—you will understand exactly what you are paying for. On the Better Business Bureau website, American Family earns an A rating. They rank around four out of five stars according to their customers. In this American Family homeowners insurance review, you will get to decide for yourself if the company is worthwhile. With the different perks offered and the unbeatable pricing, it is easy to understand why many believe this is true.
American Family Homeowners Insurance High-Level ReviewBy the Numbers
BBB rating for American Family Homeowners InsuranceA
American Family Renters Insurance JD Power Rating3/5
Avg. Cost for American Family Homeowners Insurance Yearly$1,513.20
Avg. Cost for American Family Homeowners Insurance Per Month$126.10

American Family Howeowners Insurance Coverage

As a customer, you deserve to know exactly what you are paying for when you purchase a policy—you should aim to find out exactly what an American Family homeowners insurance policy covers. You will be protected from standard perils: fire, smoke, tornadoes, damage from the weight of ice/snow, lightning, theft, falling objects, and vandalism. If you require any additional coverage, American Family offers plenty. So you are not misinformed, American Family makes it clear that they do not cover home maintenance, standard wear and tear, and earthquakes. These are all separate issues that require different types of insurance policies or regular money-saving to prepare for. On all standard homeowners policies, your dwelling (home) is protected from the above perils. You also receive coverage for your detached structures, temporary living expenses if you must vacate your home, and personal liability coverage if somebody sues you for getting injured on your property. Anything else you would like to add to your policy can be done easily per request.
When shopping around for homeowners insurance, two important questions to ask are: Does American Family homeowners insurance cover flood damage? Does American Family homeowners insurance cover mold damage? Both are problems that can result in a lot of costly repairs and time spent outside of your home as these repairs are being made. The bottom line is that no insurance company other than the National Flood Insurance Program (run through FEMA) can provide flood insurance. When it comes to water backup, however, American Family might be able to help you. Does American Family insurance cover water damage? Yes, as long as it is caused by a burst pipe in your home. If you want additional coverage, you can add the option to cover water damage caused by sewer backup or your sump pump. It is not automatic coverage, so remember to ask about it. When it comes to mold damage, if the mold occurred over time due to natural causes, it is not covered. If it happens as a result of a covered peril on your policy, then it will be covered. For better clarity on the topic, be sure to ask your agent to explain exactly what is covered by default.

How Much is American Family Homeowners Insurance Near You

While you know that the average annual cost for homeowners insurance through American Family is $630, this does not necessarily mean this is how much your policy will cost. When figuring out how much is homeowners insurance through American Family, you need to keep in mind that the rates fluctuate depending on your location, how much your home is worth, your coverage, and your deductibles. Louisiana has the highest homeowners insurance rates based on the national average, with Oregon having the lowest.

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Get a American Family Homeowners and Auto Insurance Discount

With both offered, it makes sense to bundle American Family homeowners and auto insurance. This means that you can use the same insurer for both of your policies, usually resulting in a discount or perks. When you bundle auto and homeowners insurance with American Family, there are no exceptions—you can save up to 29%. When you have both of your policies with the same insurer, this makes it easier to keep track of them both. Dealing with only one insurance company instead of two separate ones makes things a lot easier on you as a customer. Plus, the American Family homeowners insurance discount sweetens the deal. Their discount is very high compared to the average among other insurers. It is a great way to make sure that you always pay your insurance on time, as well. When you have both your homeowners and auto insurance with American Family, you can streamline your bill and place it on autopay—you won’t have to think twice about it! Many customers enjoy this because finding out you have a lapse in your policy because it was canceled is both aggravating and dangerous. American Family helps you make sure this does not happen.

Costs of American Family Homeowners Insurance Compared with Competitors

Knowing now that the average American Family homeowners insurance cost is just $630, this seems like an unbeatable rate when taking their competition into consideration. A basic Travelers homeowners insurance policy costs around $1,200. They are one of the oldest insurance companies out there, founded in the 1800s, a big name that customers trust. They have earned an A+ BBB rating with accreditation. To compare this with another familiar company, Progressive offers homeowners insurance policies for around $2,044. Their BBB rating is also an A+, but they are not accredited. Some major differences can be seen in terms of pricing, but keep in mind that American Family has an A-rating with the BBB versus the A+ ratings that these other companies boast. This just means they are not as financially stable, but it does not rule them out as being a great option for your homeowners insurance.

Reaching Out to American Family Homeowners Insurance

Assuming you must file an American Family homeowners insurance claim, knowing the right steps to take is essential to getting you the help you need. You can report a claim at any time on their website. The link will lead you to a form where you will input basic information about the damage and what happened. From there, you will be assigned a claims representative and given ways to track your claim, also from the website. You can also file a claim by phone if you prefer to speak to a live representative. No matter what occurred, the more details you can provide, the better. Take notes, take photos, and make sure to honestly inform the representative of what happened. This is going to get your claim processed quickly and get you the payout you deserve. American Family wants to help their customers understand what is going on at any given time. If you need to track your claim, you can do so on their website, or you can call a representative for an update.
According to their website, the easiest way to figure out how to cancel an American Family homeowners insurance policy is by calling your agent. If you do not know who your local agent is, they have a feature on your website that will allow you to search for the person to contact. There is no information on how to cancel an American Family homeowners insurance policy online because they prefer if you speak to someone directly to make this change; there are fewer miscommunications this way. The American Family cancellation policy is just like any other—give the representative your reason for why you’d like to cancel, and they will tell you how to complete the process. You might be refunded a prorated amount of money. You might also be required to submit a cancelation request form (or your agent can do so on your behalf). It should not be difficult to cancel American Family homeowners insurance if you need to. There are many reasons why customers must cancel their policies, all valid.

Deciding on Whether American Family is Right for Your Home

The best advice to take while making this decision is to not allow yourself to be blinded by the price alone. While American Family offers great pricing, you need to make sure you understand what coverage you are getting and if it is adequate for your home and belongings. Through getting an American Family homeowners insurance quote, you can see all of this information on paper, and you will be able to compare it to any other quotes you receive. Pay attention to all of the coverage amounts and additional coverage options available to you. Deciding if American Family homeowners insurance is the right choice is a personal decision to make, and it might take receiving other quotes from other insurers to decide. This is how you shop smarter and keep your home safer. Take as much time as you need, making sure you read all of the fine print. Finding an agent who can be a great resource to you is also important—get to know your local American Family agent.