Assurant Homeowners Insurance Review

Assurant is known as an affordable insurance option, but can they offer you a policy that covers everything you need? You should know exactly what your policy covers, especially when it comes to low-cost insurance, before you decide whether or not Assurance homeowners insurance policy is the perfect fit for you and your family.

Does Assurant Offer Homeowners Insurance

Assurant is the type of company you want to look into if you’ve had troubles obtaining preferred coverage in the past. There are several different homeowners insurance policies that each offer different types of coverage. The Our Choice® and First Select® are two options from Assurant homeowners insurance policies that are a steady choice among homeowners struggling to maintain existing coverage with a different company. Assurant is the self proclaimed market leader in outsourcing solutions and lender-placed insurance, but for those unfamiliar with the terms, this can become confusing. These terms imply that Assurant is partnered with financial institutions in a way that can make your policies more affordable. Assurant began bringing insurance solutions to the public way back in 1892, although back then they traded as LaCrosse Mutual Aid Association and offered disability insurance. Today, Assurant homeowners insurance may not be one of the most well known companies, but they are held in high esteem with existing clients.
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Assurant Homeowners Insurance Review and Costs

Lets dig into Assurant and see why their clients decide to stay with them for long periods of time. Are their affordable homeowners policies offering complete protection? Let’s find out. Assurant provides above average rates and receives mixed customer reviews. Assurant is considered on par with some of the big industry names, although they are better known for their higher rates and mediocre customer service. But for those looking to benefit from features such as lender placed insurance, this company could be a beneficial choice. In this Assurant homeowners review, we’ll be looking at assurant homeowners insurance cost and what their policies cover. The Assurant homeowners insurance price tag may be above average, but don’t brush it aside just yet. Assurant has been an established company for decades, so they’ve got to be doing something right. Let’s find out what it is, and if it’s worth the higher premium price. Assurant lacks common discounts often found in other companies, but they do offer fairly broad coverage with their standard home insurance coverage. Assurant do not do online quotes, and can only be contacted via local agents.
Assurant Homeowners Insurance High-Level ReviewBy the Numbers
BBB rating for Assurant Homeowners InsuranceA+
Assurant Renters Insurance JD Power RatingN/A
Avg. Cost for Assurant Homeowners Insurance Yearly$1,352.40
Avg. Cost for Assurant Homeowners Insurance Per Month$112.70

Assurant Howeowners Insurance Coverage

In the modern age of online information, Assurant seems to be falling behind contemporary trends to make information available online and easily accessible. In exchange, you do work with local insurance agents. This one on one interaction could also offer some welcome relief from impersonal insurance quotes, as an agent can advise the insurance coverage suits you best. This personalization is often welcomed with open arms by those with homes in poor conditions, or are experiencing other reasons for denial of homeowners insurance. Assurance is renowned for working closely with major corporations, but they are also known as being the insurance company that will insure almost any home- you just have to speak with one of their agents about home insurance with Assurant. Another of their highly publicized features is their protection for home assets and appliances. Assurant offers broad product protection features, and they are highly customizable, so you can make sure that your insurance is working for you and your home. Not everyone is the same, so why should their homeowners insurance be?
Does Assurant homeowners insurance cover flood mould? Most insurance policies will only cover mold if it has been caused by what is referred to as a “covered peril”. However, this will have to be checked with your Assurance agent, and you should enquire about it with your agent before agreeing to your new policy. If mold is caused from a leak that is preventable then it is unlikely that your policy will cover it. Again, it is best to refer to your agent for your policy details. Things like high humidity or mold caused by flooding are also considered preventable and will not usually be covered under a standard home insurance policy. Another frequently asked question is does Assurance home insurance cover flood damage? Assurance homeowners insurance water damage will need to be cross checked with your Assurance agent, although we can provide some insight into the typical insurance policies. If the water damage is a result of a preventable maintenance issue, you can expect some resistance regarding coverage. This is to be expected with most standard home insurance policies. You should keep your house and home maintained, to keep costly and annoying problems at bay. If a covered peril caused the mold or water damage, then you are most likely covered- but this can differ among policies. Always check with your agent. If you are interested in taking out a new home insurance policy with Assurance, then this is one of the questions to raise with the agent working with you.

How Much is Assurant Homeowners Insurance Near You

Although known as one of the more costly insurance options, Assurance do have flexible options that could make it worth every dollar. Assurance does not disclose many details online, but they do make it known that their preferred home program is one of their most affordable options. The preferred home program may be more competitively priced, but it also has stricter requirements. Assurant claims to work hard towards maintaining competitive and affordable pricing, despite their business model looking vastly different to other home insurance business models. Assurant’s pricing is at the helm of affordable lender-placed insurance.

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Get a Assurant Homeowners and Auto Insurance Discount

If you are looking for assurant homeowners and auto insurance, then you are probably considering a bundle auto and homeowners insurance with Assurant. Assurant homeowners insurance discount is virtually impossible to find online, but if you speak with one of their agents you may find a rate that works for you. Assurant does list one discount. For those who have a homeowners policy, you may be able to get the alarm discount. Assurant offers some discount on their homeowners policy if there are alarms in the house. Alarms such as a central alarm security system and a fire alarm can help you to receive savings in your homeowners policy. When you contact an Assurant agent near you for your homeowners policy, you should enquire about bundles with both auto and homeowners insurance with Assurant. If you bundle your auto insurance with your Assurant policy, you could qualify for discount. While this is at least some sort of discount, it pales when placed in comparison with the competition, who offer significantly more attractive bundle deals. Assurant’s main focus is, however, on renters insurance, which may be why their homeowners policies leave a most feeling somewhat dissatisfied.

Costs of Assurant Homeowners Insurance Compared with Competitors

Assurant homeowners insurance cost is higher than the average homeowner insurance competitor. Assurants rates are consistently higher when compared to other companies in competition, however the flexibility and customizable coverage is unparalleled. If you are looking for a low cost homeowners insurance you can bundle with auto insurance, it might be worth speaking with an agent to see if the discount on offer is worth it for you. Assurant has a higher than average financial rating, and is affiliated with many large businesses and corporations. Unlike its competitors, Assurant focuses on business insurance for large corporations and rental insurance. This means that their focus is not on home and auto insurance, which makes their Assurant homeowners insurance cost steeper than their competitors. That being said, their coverage is extensive- and includes a variety of features that are often found as an add on extra (paid for) with other industry competitors.

Reaching Out to Assurant Homeowners Insurance

If you have to claim from your insurance company, the chances are pretty high that you’ve had some bad luck. So it makes sense that when you want to make an Assurant homeowners insurance claim, you want it to be as smooth a process as possible. So, how simple is it to make an Assurant homeowners insurance claim? Claims have to be made with an agent through the Assurant homeowners insurance phone number or talking with your local agent. Assurant has received mixed reviews for their customer service for those making a claim. And when we say mixed, we are just being enthusiastic as their rating is low across most websites and review sites. Consumer affairs lists a rating of 1.5 stars while Better Business Bureau lists Assurant with a 1 star rating. Both ratings are based on between 110 and 115 reviews. When would you need to file a claim? Claims should be filed in the event of almost any type of home damage, although the precise coverage is dependant on your unique policy.
If you aren't happy with your insurance, and want to cancel your Assurant homeowners insurance, you should know how to cancel Assurant homeowners insurance. Things change, your focus shifts, and sometimes things don’t work out the way you expect them to- whatever the reason you may have, it is fairly simple to cancel your Assurant homeowners insurance. These days many people are looking to streamline their lifestyle- and that means doing more and more things online. Unfortunately, many people are left wondering how to cancel Assurant homeowners insurance online, especially since there is no available option to cancel Assurant homeowners insurance online. Most of the time, you will have to speak with your local agent, or call the company, if you are looking to either make a claim or cancel your insurance altogether. When you have made you mind up and want to know how to cancel Assurant homeowners insurance, simply call customer service, press 5, and give the agent your policy details. From there, the agent will help you cancel your homeowners insurance.

Deciding on Whether Assurant is Right for Your Home

When you are trying to find the perfect homeowners insurance for you and your loved ones, there are several factors to take into consideration. Get an Assurant homeowners insurance quote today to find out whether you could benefit from the diverse coverage options offered by Assurant. While theirs prices do seem to be consistently higher, you could stand to benefit from many of the features they have on offer. Some of Assurant’s add on features include coverage for damage done by your pet, as well as unexpected unemployment. Assurant offers complete and extensive coverage in their policies but they also have a lack of discount and consistently higher rates. What’s more, their customer service ratings are consistently poor. If you already have auto insurance with Geico, you could benefit from bundling your home insurance with Assurant. In conclusion, Assurant’s homeowners insurance leaves plenty to be desired, but it could be a better choice for those looking for reliable renters insurance.