Cant Get Homeowners Insurance Because Of Roof

What to do when insurance won't cover your home

Everyone who owns a home needs to have homeowners insurance to cover any catastrophes that may occur. The process of obtaining insurance is usually simple and straightforward. What happens when you can't get homeowners insurance because of a roof or other repairs needed for your home? Insurance companies take on customers and charge based on risk. When the risk is not profitable, they will either not cover your home with insurance, and some customers have had homeowners insurance cancelled because of roof issues. Of course, a roof is not the only problem that can cause you a headache when it comes to homeowners insurance. Over the years, a home will need several repairs and basic upkeep as it ages. If these repairs are not adequately maintained you could end up without homeowners insurance until they have been addressed, costing a significant amount of money.

Other Issues Preventing Insurance Coverage

Before an insurance company will cover your home, they may ask to complete an inspection. This is typical whenever the home is older. Some companies will not even wait for the inspection if questions are answered in a certain way during your when you receive a quote. An example is when asked how old a roof is, and you state it is more than 20 years old. Knowing they have a higher risk of a claim for a roof of that age, you will probably be turned down or only have a small amount of the roof covered.
Another way is to lose existing coverage for a problem such as outdated plumbing, foundation issues, or other risks to the insurance company. Make sure that you understand what can trigger issues to lose your coverage.
cant get homeowners insurance because of roof

How to Reinstate Homeowners Insurance

If you find your homeowner’s insurance is cancelled because of roof damage or other impairment to your home, there are a few options left. One is to appeal the company's decision to not cover your home or to compromise on the amount and type of coverage. Another is to seek out other insurance companies who do not see your home within the same risk assessment and have a different policy. If these two options do not work, you must correct the issues the insurance companies had in the first place. The problem comes when the cost of repairs is excessive. If you had made repairs as they occurred over the years, you could find the cost spread out over time. By waiting until your insurance is denied or cancelled you could face multiple repairs at once.

homeowners insurance cancelled because of roof

Issues With Losing Insurance

Homeowners insurance is what protects your investment when purchasing or owning a home. One problem when you can’t get homeowners insurance because of roof issues or the insurance company requires a new roof has its consequences. A disaster such as a fire, water damage, or an injury that puts the homeowner’s liability at risk, is only part of the problem. Most lenders of home loans require the owners of a home to have coverage in case of a catastrophe. It is imperative to do all you can as a homeowner to not lose your insurance coverage. If you do lose coverage, your lender may have the right to foreclose on the home. The easiest way to make sure you do not lose your coverage is to make sure your home is properly maintained throughout the time you are in the home.