Does Home Insurance Cover Window Replacement

Broken Windows: Will They Be Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

A broken window can happen from so many different things: a ball flying through the air, a burglar breaking into your home, or even from a variety of other accidents totally out of your control. Does homeowners insurance cover windows? It makes sense for them to be since it seems like a small repair type that you bought insurance to protect yourself from having to pay. However, it's not quite that simple. There are many different factors with a repair even this small, such as your deductible, what kinds of coverage you have under your policy, who was at fault for the accident, and more. It may be unfortunate, but there are many situations where it's likely you'll have to replace the broken window out of your pocket and without any reimbursement from your insurer, either. Every case is different, and knowing what makes it more or less likely will help you get that replacement without having to pay for it all yourself.

Can You Get a Replacement?

Does insurance cover window replacement? Can you get help? Well, you can as long as your policy covers it. If burglary and vandalism are covered, and someone breaks your window, you can probably have it replaced. Suppose you have hail damage covered and a big piece of ice hurtling from the sky smashes your window up, again. In that case, you might be able to have it replaced even if it seems like, according to your policy, that you'll be able to get a replacement, it might not always be the case. One of the worst things against you is if what caused the breakage isn't covered by your policy. You're most likely not going to be able to recoup the losses from the insurer if this is the case. Who is at fault (down below) and the details of the incident are other determining factors that the insurer considers when deciding to pay out your claim or not.
does home insurance cover window replacement

Factors: Who/What Is At Fault?

Who or what broke the window? Was it an animal? Was it a ball from a neighbor's child? Was it the weather or a burglar? All of this matters when the insurer is examining your policy and the incident and coming to a decision on whether or not the claim is legitimate and your damages are covered.
Most importantly, remember this next bit: accidental damage to the home is usually not covered under homeowners insurance, so if you were the one who broke your window, they will most likely not cover you for that reason. So what caused the incident is critical. If it's not covered under your perils—things that can cause damages, all of which are out of your control—then it's most likely not going to be covered. Additionally, maintenance isn't covered either under most homeowners' insurance plans, so that's something else to consider.

is window replacement covered by insurance

Deductibles and Premiums

One last bit important is whether or not you even want to claim at all. It may feel strange, threatening, or wrong to pay insurance for all of that time and not even be able to claim something like a broken window, but considering the damages will likely be only several hundred dollars, it's sometimes smarter to avoid the premium hike. If your premium goes up significantly, it might be worth paying out of pocket and not engaging with the insurer. Another thing that has to be remembered is your deductible. How much money you have to pay before your insurer begins to cover damages. If the damage doesn't exceed your deductible, they will not be covering the issue either. All of the mentioned issues are important when you ask, 'does homeowners insurance cover window replacement?' Check your policy and decide before contacting your insurer.