Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Ac Unit

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Ac Repair or Replacement?

In the winter, most people don’t think about their AC units. Enveloped by the chilly weather and dim winter twilight, it might feel like summer is eons away. However, soonest, summer sets in so be sure that your AC unit is in crisp shape to take on those grueling temperatures that’ll creep up on you in a flash.
Repairing or replacing an AC unit can be a significant expense for any homeowner, especially in the warmer summer months. Having a breakdown that needs a repair or replacement can often feel like an emergency. But how will you fund the AC repair or replacement? How much will it cost and does homeowners insurance cover AC unit?
Here, we’ll discuss how your homeowners' insurance policy works when it comes to repairing or replacing your AC and what you ought to know before filing a claim.

When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Air Conditioner Replacement or Repair?

Homeowners' insurance policies cover AC units in the same manner both your home’s structure and personal property are protected. If the unit is damaged by a covered loss, stolen, or vandalized, you'll most likely receive claims for repairs or replacement. Some common causes of AC unit damage that are equally covered by the homeowners' insurance include lighting, wind, power surges, fire, smoke, fallen trees, vandalism, and theft.
If the AC system is centralized and considered a part of your home’s structure, it’s covered under the dwelling section of your policy with all-risk coverage (i.e. the AC unit is covered against everything except specific hazards listed in the policy, including flooding, earthquake, power failure, and neglect.
Ductless wall-mounted ACs and window air-conditioning units are covered under the personal property coverage section of your policy. When filing a personal property claim, you’ll need to prove that the damage was a result of one of the listed perils.
does homeowners insurance cover ac unit

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Ac Unit Leaks Or Clogs?

Air-conditioning systems can cause massive water damage to your personal belongings and entire home when pipes burst due to low freezing temperatures or when a drainage issue results in a leak, potentially denting your home’s ductwork and the electrical components within your AC system.
But does your policy provide coverage for AC malfunctions? It depends on the cause of the damage. If a water damage claim is filed after an AC-related leak and the insurance adjuster establishes that the cause of damage was a clogged drain line that spans over months to years of neglect, your insurer will deny your claim.
However, if the pipes connected to your AC freeze and burst, leading to damages to other sections of your home and personal belongings, you may receive reimbursement for the damages caused by the AC, but your AC replacement claim will most likely be denied.

does homeowners insurance cover air conditioner replacement

Why Are Only Certain Situations Covered?

Homeowners Insurance covers AC units but only conditionally. This condition is when the damage is as a result of peril like lightning strikes and fires; it often pays to repair damages to your air conditioning unit’s electrical components in these situations. However, verify what your policy defines as a peril (this information is always listed under a policy holder’s plan) as coverage usually doesn’t include damages caused by general wear and tear, lack of maintenance, or accidents that are caused by negligence.
Lighting strikes and fire are relatively rare occurrences, although they occur often enough that they’re usually included in the average homeowners' insurance policy. However, most damages are likely to occur for reasons not covered by your policy, therefore, it’s vital to be proactive about your air conditioning system maintenance to minimize possible negative issues with your air conditioning unit.