Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hvac

HVAC and Your Home Insurance

Homeowners' insurance may accommodate damages done to your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, resulting from a covered peril as stipulated in your homeowners' insurance policy documents. A homeowners' insurance may cover the cost of a repair or replacement of your damaged HVAC in two ways – via the personal property coverage or dwelling coverage embedded within your policy.
A built-in unit’s repair or replacement may be paid for by dwelling coverage since it’s considered as part of the home’s structure. Window-based units could be covered by personal property coverage since it’s classified as a personal possession.
However, it's important to understand that insurance is intended to help cover sudden disasters like explosions, fires, or damage from falling objects. Hence if your HVAC system stops functioning due to regular wear and tear or old age, then your insurers may not cover its repair or replacement.

When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC?

Your HVAC unit is covered by your homeowners' insurance to the same extent the rest of your home is covered. Hazards such as fires, vandalism, lightning strikes. Falling trees, and sometimes flooding are all accommodated within the standard homeowners' policies. However, accidental damages and regular wear and tear aren’t.
Fire and Lightning Damage
If your HVAC system is engulfed by fire, your homeowners' insurance will cover the cost of its repair or replacement. Also, if lighting strikes, damaging the electrical components of your unit, your homeowners' insurance policy is most likely to cover its replacement cost.
Falling Trees and Vandalism
When your unit is damaged by a fell tree or branch, you’re protected because homeowner's policies typically cover such damages. Likewise, if the unit is vandalized, you’re also protected since destruction from vandalism is typically covered by the policy. Remember to also file a police report to properly document the crime and damage.
does homeowners insurance cover hvac

When Isn't Homeowners Insurance HVAC covered?

Homeowner's insurance policies won’t cover HVAC malfunctions caused by negligence and lack of maintenance, accidents, or general wear and tear. HVAC systems that fail after a decade of use or are broken by an errant ball during a backyard game won't be covered by your insurers.
Be cautious of water damages too. HVAC systems aren’t very susceptible to water hazards; they expel water as part of their regular operation. Water leaks into your home resulting in flooding won’t be covered since this can be classified as a maintenance issue. Always ensure that your HVAC unit undergoes routine checks regularly.
Most policies also treat window HVAC and central HVAC units differently. Normally, a central unit is classified under dwelling coverage and grouped as part of the home’s structure, whereas a window unit is classified as personal property. This generally narrows the scope of damage covered for window units.

homeowners insurance hvac

Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim to Fix Your HVAC?

If your HVAC system is damaged from a covered event, check whether a claim filing will be costlier in the long-term. Get an estimated repair or replacement cost and weigh it against your homeowners' policy deductible. If the estimated cost is less than or slightly above your policy’s deductible, it’s better to pay out of your pocket as an insurance claim could increase the premiums you pay for your policy.
If you’re going for the homeowners' insurance claim, take photos of visible damage(s) to your system and write down its model and serial number. When it’s a vandalism damage, file a police report, get a personal copy. Next, contact your insurer to commence the claims procedures, including checking that the damage is covered by your policy, then sending an adjuster to investigate and estimate how much your insurer will provide for your unit’s repair or replacement.