Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Sewer Line Replacement

Your sewer line stinks, but can your homeowners insurance help?

Imagine the following scenario: you're at home and you just got done using the bathroom. You were about to hit the lever at the toilet when the smell hits you. Something is rotten in town, and it smells like the sewer line might have a problem. It only started after that one really bad storm, too. Maybe it's time to file a claim with your homeowners' insurance company. With some random disasters running the risk of damaging sewer lines, you might be wondering what your homeowner's insurance can do. So, does homeowners insurance cover sewer line replacement, or is this something more out-of-pocket? Does homeowners insurance cover break sewer pipes? If you recently found your sewer line busted up, you might be surprised as to what the typical guidelines for homeowners insurance can and cannot cover.

When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Sewer Line Replacement?

Believe it or not, a broken sewer line covered by insurance is a fairly common thing to hear about. Sewer lines, including the pipes that lead sewage and greywater out of your home, are considered to be a part of your home. As long as the lines are on your property's boundaries, there's a good chance that you will have them covered. Of course, the coverage you get is still based on the same rules as most other aspects of your insurance policy. The way that your policy works is simple: if stuff happens to your sewer line that's beyond your control, you will be able to get your sewer line replacement covered by insurance. So if a tree falls on your sewer line or an earthquake disconnects it, you will be able to file a claim successfully.
does homeowners insurance cover sewer line replacement

When Wouldn't Your Sewer Lines Get Covered by Insurance?

Sewer lines have a lot of things that can cause them to get destroyed, and when they're destroyed, they can need repairs. It's common to hear about the need to replace sewer lines after a major flood or earthquake. However, not all issues with sewer lines are covered by your policy. Insurance companies do not cover replacements of home parts that were broken as a result of negligence, poor repairs, or intentional breakage. Insurance adjusters will check your home over to make sure that your sewer lines weren't clogged with things that shouldn't be flushed before they approve your claim. If they find tampering, they might deny you. On a similar note, you also won't get your replacement covered if the part of the sewer line that was severed isn't within your property's boundaries. That could be a municipal problem.

broken sewer line covered by insurance

Understanding How to Avoid Problems

Insurance companies are there as a nice way to get peace of mind, but they aren't there to act as a financial "parent" who does clean up when you make a foolish mistake. This is important to remember when you're discussing things like sewer lines since a break-in can pose a serious health hazard. To ensure that you get the best results possible, keep your sewer lines free of clogs, and don't flush things that shouldn't be flushed down the toilet. And remember, insurance companies aren't there to cover regular repairs and maintenance in most cases. So if you see a repair that's a result of wear and tear, call up the plumber and get it addressed so that it doesn't become a larger problem. After all, sewer line problems multiply when they're ignored, and it's still better to spend a little now than to spend a bunch later.