Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage From Rain

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage From Rain

Short Answer: Yes, peril-based water damage!

Truth be told, there are hundreds of ways rainwater can get into your home and do immense damage to your property and belongings. And it doesn’t take much time either, if for example a freak windstorm sends a large branch sailing through your living room window when the rain is coming down sideways. As it pours onto the carpet and sends everyone running, you’re thinking to yourself, “Will my homeowners insurance cover water damage from rain?” The answer to that question is always going to be dependent on a) how the rainwater is getting into your home and b) the extent of the damage. In this article we’re going to start off by looking at the most widely-accepted examples of when you will be covered, and then when you won’t. Afterward we’ll cap it off with the most common things you can watch out for to further protect yourself.

Examples: When Damage From Rain IS Covered

As with other types of homeowners insurance coverage, the keywords to pay special attention to are ‘recognized perils’. Be sure to chat with your agent to see exactly what kinds of rain-related perils are covered and which aren’t. Let’s quickly go through some basics, but again, with so many ways for water to end the home depending on your location, insurance providers have a lot to consider.

_ Wind-Driven Rain: When there is a recognized rain-related event that literally drives the rain right into your home due to extremely high winds causing windows to break, doors to fly open, garage doors to fly off, etc. you’re going to likely be fully covered. The issue is that it’s recognized by your insurance as a peril.

_ Rain, Snow, & Ice Dams: Along these same lines, if there’s an especially destructive rain/wind storm in the winter that overnight turns to ice dams and far too much weight on the roof leading to a cave in, you’re going to be fully covered. Not only will your home be covered, but any personal property damaged in the attic or rooms where the rain entered.

_ Mold: Of course when it comes to homes, where there’s water damage there’s mold. If the rain that got in is covered by your insurance because of a recognized peril, then the mold it leads to is most likely to be covered as well, for removal and remediation. Mold caused by neglect or gradual water damage over a longer period of time isn’t covered.

_ Vandalism: If criminals break into your home and lead to water damage, of course that’s not your fault. This is applicable for shorter trips and vacations, but not usually when the home has been essentially ‘vacant’ for two months or more. Be sure to check with your policy or agent to get the particulars if you plan on being away from home a lot during the year.
does homeowners insurance cover water damage from rain

What If Rain Causes Flooding?

Chances are the answer to your question, “Does homeowners insurance cover water damage from rain” is above. Cases where you won’t be covered are usually going to involve flooding. So, no windows were broken and no doors flew away in a rainstorm. It just rained so much there was flooding. Other examples are going to be if you live in an area that’s just far too prone to water damage and flooding - no different than trying to get your home fire coverage in an area extremely prone to wildfires.

_ If that leak from the roof becomes an actual flood, something horrible where you’re standing in water, that disaster wouldn’t likely be covered. Why? Like fire, flooding damage is absolutely catastrophic and the costs are high.

_ If you live in an area where this is an issue, you’ll probably need to get yourself some specific flood insurance on top of your homeowners insurance policy.

will my homeowners insurance cover water damage from rain

Most Common Reasons For Rain Water Damage

Is water damage from rain covered by homeowners insurance? Yes, when it’s the result of a catastrophic event that was out of your control, which we discussed above. Unfortunately though, most rain damage that ISN’T covered by your policy can be easily avoided. Let’s take a brief moment to look at these causes.

_ Foundation Problems: Ensure that your drainage systems are working properly and sending rainwater/runoff away from the foundation of your home. Consistently check your downspouts and any waterproofing measures you’ve taken. Once foundation is compromised, it leads to all kinds of problems.

_ Neglected Gutter Systems: Your gutters can easily get backed up or quit doing their job as a result of neglect or just too much debris for whatever reason. Once that happens it’s only a matter of time before the backed-up water begins wreaking havoc.

_ Neglected Roofing: While it’s true that roofing replacements and roof repair can be costly, flooding or water damage that catastrophically interrupts your life can come at a much higher price.