Erie Homeowners Insurance Review

Erie is a trusted property insurer that can offer you comprehensive cover at affordable rates. This Erie homeowners insurance review will help you find out whether Erie is the perfect solution for you.

Does Erie Offer Homeowners Insurance

If you're asking the question, “does Erie offer homeowners insurance?” the answer is yes. Erie homeowners insurance includes a variety of policies. The base policy will have all standard homeowners insurance included- as is the case with most insurance companies. However, Erie’s standard base policy also includes several comprehensive policy features which makes them an attractive homeowners insurance option. One feature that sets them apart is that they offer a 100 percent guaranteed replacement cost coverage in the event of a damaged or destroyed home. Erie is a solid property insurer, and are well known for offering more affordable, comprehensive cover than other competitors in the market. Most of their policy liaisons are done via the phone, which does serve as a drawback for some people. Lets take a closer look at what they can offer and what they cant, and see if they are a good fit for you and your property. Find out all you need to know about Eries homeowners policies before you make your decision.
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Erie Homeowners Insurance Review and Costs

An Erie homeowners insurance review will be your best friend when searching for the Erie homeowners insurance cost and coverage. One of the most important aspects of any major decision is the cost. So, what is the Erie homeowners insurance price? Remember, affordability is not just about the cheapest option. To judge affordability, you should review the Erie homeowner insurance cost against what they can offer you within that price bracket, and then use the Erie homeowners insurance review and compare it to other companies in the industry. According to the J.D. Power Rating, Erie receives a 5 out of 5 for consistent customer service excellence and their BBB rating is A+. Remember, there is a laundry list that needs to be considered when factoring in insurance price, but the average Erie homeowners insurance cost is slightly above the competitors average. But remember, Erie received a perfect rating from J.D. Power’s 2019 rating, which makes their slightly higher annual cost a more cost effective insurance option.
Erie Homeowners Insurance High-Level ReviewBy the Numbers
BBB rating for Erie Homeowners InsuranceB+
Erie Renters Insurance JD Power Rating3/5
Avg. Cost for Erie Homeowners Insurance Yearly$1,043.74
Avg. Cost for Erie Homeowners Insurance Per Month$86.98

Erie Howeowners Insurance Coverage

Erie offers comprehensive coverage options at reasonable prices. Erie Homeowners insurance have a variety of policies, but when shopping around for policies it is best that you start off with the base policy, and see what is included. So, what does Erie homeowners insurance cover? Well, their base policy comes with a guaranteed replacement cost. And while the policies may vary from state to state, the basic policy offered by Erie includes numerous features that most people appreciate. These features include personal property protection, theft, jewellery replacement, pet replacement (strange but true) and also an uncompromising guarantee that if your home is destroyed or demolished, all replacement costs will be covered. Additionally, all repair expenses will be covered as part of the Erie homeowners base policy insurance. Exactly what your policy covers will likely vary from person to person, and from state to state as well. Always check with your local agent to see exactly what you will be covered for with a basic policy.
Even the mildest water damage, if left unchecked, can cause dramatic problems for you home. So, it only makes sense that most people, when looking for coverage, ask whether or not water damage is covered by prospective insurance policies. So, does Erie homeowners insurance cover flood damage? What about water damage in general? Does Erie homeowners insurance cover mold? To answer these important questions, we need to look at Erie homeowners insurance water damage policies and features. As part of their basic coverage, policy holders get a 100% guarantee on replacement should their homes be destroyed or damaged from natural disasters, including floods. The basic policy includes coverage for repairs, as well as personal property coverage, which means your valuables are covered as well should they be damaged or lost due to theft, fire, or similar unfortunate events. Coverage endorsements include water damage from sewers or drains. Remember, your coverage could differ according to the place or area that you live. Always check with your agent if you want to know if your existing policy covers water damage from mold or floods. If you want to know for a new policy, then contact your local agent to make sure of the details that will be unique for your circumstances.

How Much is Erie Homeowners Insurance Near You

How much is homeowners insurance through Erie near you? Well, there are several factors that will go into answering this question. When your homeowners insurance premiums need to be calculated, things like your credit score, insurance claims, your history and any other relevant financial information will play a role. On average, Erie’s premiums are usually on par with the average at approximately $952 per year. The final figure will depend on your circumstances, including the state your home is in, and what deductibles can be applied.

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Get a Erie Homeowners and Auto Insurance Discount

As we have already mentioned above, there are aspects that could adjust your premium. While there may be factors that increase your premium, there are certain deductibles that could work in your budget’s favour. Most insurance companies offer discounts through bundles, so it may be worth your while to look at multi-policy options such as bundle auto and homeowners insurance with Erie. Erie offers discounts when policy holders bundle either auto, home or life insurance policies. Although the amount you may save will likely depend on the policy type and the state you live in, Erie life, homeowners and auto insurance multi-policies can save you up to 25%. Erie homeowners insurance discount can be applied in several cases, including advanced quote discount and alarm systems and safety devices discount. The latter includes sprinklers, smoke detectors and burglar alarms while the former refers to a policy holder requesting a quote up unitl a week before the existing policy expires. The above listed discounts are a few that are offered by Erie homeowners insurance, but don’t be surprised if you do not qualify. Not all states qualify for every discount, and Erie is currently only avaible in 12 states.

Costs of Erie Homeowners Insurance Compared with Competitors

Several conflicting reviews show that Erie can be both above and below the average cost of homeowners insurance. In some cases, Erie homeowners insurance cost was averaging below average, while in others the Erie averaged higher. Why? We all know that ultimately, your insurance premium will depend on several factors, including your personal information, the area you live, and what bundles you have with the insurance company. Erie offes impressive bundle options, while other compettors also offer bundles, Erie’s perfect score wit J.D. Powers indicate that the value for money is better when invested with Erie homeowners insurance. Erie has excellent financial ratings, which is proven in the reviews written by satisfied clients. State Farm averages consistently higher policy premiums than Erie, although credit score plays a significant role in the final premium Erie homeowners insurane cost. On the other hand, when compared with similar competitors Erie homeowners insurance cost was slightly higher than average. The quote was for a single-family home in the State of New York and Erie quoted $200 higher than the average homeowners insurance quote for a similar home. However, value plays a large role when determining affordability. Since Erie’s J.D. Power’s score was perfect in 2019, customers obviously feel they are getting their monies worth with Erie homeowners insurance.

Reaching Out to Erie Homeowners Insurance

Your home keeps you and your family safe, and after you’ve filled it with memories, you treasure it as part of the family, But what happens when things go wrong at home? You need a dependable homeowners insurance that can help you get your home repaired so you can focus on the things that matter most in life. If you are ever in the unfortunate event of having to get make an Erie homeowners insurance claim, can you be sure that a safety net will be at the other end of the Erie homeowners insurance phone number? Fortunately, consistent customer reviews and ratings indicate that the making an Erie homeowners insrurance claim is simple. Despite having a lack of online tools at their client’s disposal, Erie still earned a 100% rating from J.D. Powers, indicating customers are thoroughly pleased with their claim experience.
If you do find yourself in the unfortunate event of having to cancel your insurance, you want to know that you’ll find it a simple and straightforward process, without hidden strings that will keep you attached or digging deep into your bank balance, right? Many policy holders may be wondering how to cancel Erie homeowners insurance online. Unfortunately, Erie homeowners insurance cancellation policy does not include online features. Instead you will have to call the Erie custoner service phone number and ask to speak to an Erie repressentitive. Keep you policy details, like your policy number, close at hand as you will have to provide the representitive with these details. Despite not offering an online too to cancel Erie homeowners insurance, it is simple to cancel the insurance telephonically. Once you have requested cancellation, you can expect to recieve a cancellation confirmation letter via email or post.

Deciding on Whether Erie is Right for Your Home

Is Erie homeowners insurance the right choice for your home? Well, if you want a reliable insurance company that offer robust coverage at affordable rates, why not? Although Erie offers limited online features, and is only avaible in 12 states, Erie homeowners insurance remains a solid investment. If you don’t mind handling everything, including quotes and claims, over the phone, then Erie may just be the right insurance company for your home. To get a quote today, you simply need to call them now and talk with an agent. The process to recueve a quote is approximetly 20 minutes and can only be done with an agent over the phone. Erie can boast of offering the industry’s best financial ratings a comprehensive base policy option that comes with a garunteed replacement cost. If online tools aren’t a deciding factor, then Erie’s solid homeowners insurance policy options could be the erfect addition to protect your family, your home and offer you peace of mnid.