Esurance Homeowners Insurance Review

In this Esurance homeowners insurance review everything you need to know about asking for an Esurance homeowners insurance quote.

Does Esurance Offer Homeowners Insurance

Esurance is a trusted auto insurance company, and many people are asking, does Esurance offer homeowners insurance? Esurance does offer both auto and homeowners insurance. You can get homeowners insurance through Esurance in 31 states and you could potentially enjoy a wide range of discounts on their policies. Whether you want to switch to Esurance homeowners insurance, or you have just purchased your new home and want to protect it with insurance, there are several policies that could be perfect for you and your family’s home. Esurance offers easy to use online tools that make your experience with insurance not only a breeze, but a pleasure. Whether you want o submit a claim or review your existing policy, Esurance offers an intuitive app that can make these unpleasant processes as pleasant as possible. Although Esurance is only available in 31 states, Esurance will help by referring you to a partner company if you are in a state where Esurance is not available.
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Esurance Homeowners Insurance Review and Costs

If you are interested in Esurance homeowners insurance, then this homeowners insurance review is just the thing you need. There are few things higher up on the agenda than pricing, and the Esurance homeowners insurance cost in one of the first things people inquire about. Esurance is owned by Allstate, and as such, ahs financial backing from their parent company. Esurance has been in business since 1999 and has an AM best financial strength rating of A+. Their Better Business Bureau sits at A-, has 23% of Youov’s survey participants smiling while above average levels of complaints filed with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Purchasing Esurance homeowner insurance is a simple and straightforward process which can mostly be done via an app. While the Esurance homeowners insurance price point for their policies are appealing to most customers, it is important to know what will and what will not be covered in the policy you choose. Fortunately, Esurance offers broad coverage options coupled with unique customizable features and add ons.
Esurance Homeowners Insurance High-Level ReviewBy the Numbers
BBB rating for Esurance Homeowners InsuranceA-
Esurance Renters Insurance JD Power Rating2/5
Avg. Cost for Esurance Homeowners Insurance Yearly$1,133.40
Avg. Cost for Esurance Homeowners Insurance Per Month$94.45

Esurance Howeowners Insurance Coverage

Most people want to know what does Esurance homeowners insurance cover, especially with such affordable rates. The Esurance homeowners insurance options offer comprehensive coverage that suit most clients. And with their unique coverage options, like unexpected fire department call out fees and water backup coverage protection, it seems like Esurance can cover it all. There are several non-negotiables that should be covered by your homeowners insurance. Property damage is one of them Esurance includes property damage in their homeowners insurance coverage that covers your home in the event of damage resulting from fires, lightning, theft, vandalism, and windstorm damage. These are things that are out of your control, so it is essential that you have coverage for these damaging occurrences. Esurance home owners insurance also covers personal property, which includes up to 75% coverage limit for in-house valuables and 10% for valuables away from home. Two other important features the Esurance offers in their insurance policies are living expenses ( 1 - 2 years at 10% of coverage limit) and Default Family Liability ($100,000).
Asking does esurance homeowners insurance cover flood damage or does geico homeowners insurance cover mold are common questions, especially for those living in areas where flood and water damage is a relatively common occurrence. You could potentially be reimbursed for mold or water damage if the issue is the result of a complication with plumbing, structural issues, or even temperamental weather. However, ‘brutal weather’ will not include floods. Esurant’s standard homeowners insurance policies do not include floods, nor do floods fall under the long-term neglect category. When it comes sto mold, most standard homeowners insurance policies will cover it as long as it is caused by a natural perils. Natural perils are damaging events such as lightning, fire, vandalism, theft, falling objects, snow/ice pressure or weight, Accidental discharge or overflow of steam or water, and even frozen pipes. If the mold is caused by preventable issues such as water leaks, high humidity or flooding, then it is unlikely that your homeowners insurance will offer coverage for the resulting mold. You shouldn’t have to be too concerned with preventable damages if you maintain your home with care. Make use of Esurance’s user-friendly app to ascertain if your policy entails Esurance homeowners water damage coverage.

How Much is Esurance Homeowners Insurance Near You

How much is homeowners insurance through Esurance? Esurance offers affordable coverage throughout the 31 states they offer their coverage. The Esurance homeowners insurance average price can differ significantly according to the policy holder and policy details. While the policy price will differ according to your state and policy details, Esurance policy costs are on affordable and competitively priced with a broad range of $300 - $1000 per year.

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Get a Esurance Homeowners and Auto Insurance Discount

As previously mentioned, there are things that can either push up your premium price, or bring it down. As it is with many homeowners insurance companies, policy holders are encourage to take out multi-policies with one company. This enticment generates more money for the company while streamling your insurance admin (that alone is worth a bundle). Multi-policy options are worth looking into if you are looking for ways to lower your overall insurance premiums. By bundling Esurance homeowners and auto insurance policies, you can enjoy discounted rates. Esurance homeowners insurance discounts are varied, but bundling renters, auto or homeowners insurance can help you to save money on your premimums. Other deductables and discounts can also be beneficial for your budget. What discounts and deductables does Esurance offer? Besides bundle auto and homeowners insurance with Esurance, the insurance company offers a variety of other discounts. Esurance offers some unique discount options, especially for those who are tech-savvy. One discount option is the modern DIY mobile inspection app. Other discounts can be applied for safety features, storm shutters or hail resistant home features. Esurance evens offers smokers incentive to quit the habit by offering discount for smoke free homes.

Costs of Esurance Homeowners Insurance Compared with Competitors

Esurance homeowners insurance costs are affordable and average roughly the same as other industry competitors. Esurance recieved an A+ rating with their AM Best financial strength rating while competitors Amica and Geico all scored A++ on their AM Best financial strength rating. When compared with Lemonade homeowners insurance policies, policy holders have the option to save more with Esurance by making use of their auto insurance bundles. When compared with Geico, the competition steepens a little. Geico is also well known for their easy to use online tools, and their affordable policies that can be adjusted to suit your indiividual needs. Geico surpasses Esurance with an A++ financial rating, and has less than half the amount of lodged complaints, all of which for a similar price. Another competetor, Amica, is a close rival. With excellent customer service ratings and highly customizable plans, Amica could be worth comparing against Esurance policy offerings.

Reaching Out to Esurance Homeowners Insurance

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate event of having to make a claim with your homeowners insurance, you want to make sure that the process is simple and easy. While customer service reviews are mixed, Esurance does claim that some claims are even paid out on the same day. To make an Esurance homeowners insurance claim, you need to call their customer service number, but don’t worry, its toll free. Many people are also concerned that by filing an insurance claim, their premiums will shoot through the roof. This is not always the case. The type of claim that you make will have an effect on the amount your premium is boosted by. Natural perils, such as wind and hail, bring your claim up by an average of 6 percent (with general weather claims bringing it up by just 2%) while a single liability claim will lead to an increase of 14% on average. Theft, vandalism and fire bring on an average increase of 13%.
There could be a variety of reasons for wanting to change or cancel your Esurance homeowners insurance- whether its because of a change of heart or achange in financial options, you should know how to cancel Esurance homeowners insurance so that you are prepared just in case. When you are taking the plunge and signing up for a homeowners insurance policy, you should be familiar with Esurance homeowners cancellation policy and how to cancel Esurance homeowners insurance. It is important to remember that if you are cancelling your policy before the conclusion on the existing policy term, the likeihood that you will be subject to a cancellation fee is high. If you do have to cancel your homeowners insurance, you simply call Esurance and ask to speak to an agent. Make sure you have your policy details on hand as you will have to provide these details to the agent. If you are cancelling your insurance because you do not wish to have homeowners insurance at all, you should take some time to rethink your decision.

Deciding on Whether Esurance is Right for Your Home

Esurance operates mainly online and offers most features in an easy to navigate app. With policy holders across 31 different states, Esurance offers attractive multi-policy bundles that can save your money and time. Esurance is granted with an A+ rating by A.M. Best. However, Esurance has mixed reviews, and has higher than average negative feedback for their customer service and general services offered. When it comes to age comparison, Esurance is a new kid on the block being founded in 1999 (many insurance companies have a century of industry experience under their belt). Since Allstate purchase the company just two years after its inception, Esurance offers more inticing features to their potential clients, including insurance options for life, home, auto, and rental just to name a few. And for those that prefer the simplicity of online account management, the Esurance app will likely leave you smiling. Get an Esurance homeowner insurance quote today and see if Esurance is the perfect fit for you and your home.