Farm Bureau Homeowners Insurance Review

If you are considering purchasing from Farm Bureau, then look no further for advice on finding a Farm Bureau homeowners insurance quote.

Does Farm Bureau Offer Homeowners Insurance

Whether you are currently in possession of a property or are considering purchasing one, you are most likely considering getting homeowners insurance, and if you are not currently considering it, then you should be! Your home is most likely your most, or at least one of the most, valuable assets you own, and should be treated as such. There are many homeowners insurance providers out there, so it is important to find and pick the right one for you. One of these insurers is Farm Bureau which, as the name suggests, was originally geared towards farm liability insurance, but nowadays does offer a range of coverages, including homeowners insurance. Farm Bureau homeowners insurance is best known for their affordable rates with a wide myriad of discount options, providing coverage policies that can be tailored to your needs. They also provide fast pay-out for claims filed by their customers compared to the national average, as well as quality in-person customer support. To find out more about Farmer Bureau homeowners insurance costs, coverage options and more, read on!
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Farm Bureau Homeowners Insurance Review and Costs

Due to the wide range of discount options, you may find the Farm Bureau homeowners insurance cost to be less than you might expect from similar plans from other insurers; these discounts are offered to homeowners who have fire, smoke, and burglar alarms installed, as well as those who bundle their homeowners insurance with auto insurance, amongst other things. They also have a BBB rating of A+. However, their online service may be less than ideal for some, as though you can log in online or use the Farm Bureau app to manage your homeowners insurance, there is no online quoting, making it difficult to compare rates with other insurers. What we do know, however, is that Farm Bureau only provides homeowners insurance policies for their members, meaning you need to first purchase a membership with them before being able to buy insurance. The cheapest annual membership fee with Farmers Bureau is around $20 to $75, and if you are an agricultural business owner or worker, you can pay more in order to get a regular membership, which allows you to run for leadership positions as well as vote within the organisation.
Farm Bureau Homeowners Insurance High-Level ReviewBy the Numbers
BBB rating for Farm Bureau Homeowners InsuranceA+
Farm Bureau Renters Insurance JD Power Rating3/5
Avg. Cost for Farm Bureau Homeowners Insurance Yearly$1,019.46
Avg. Cost for Farm Bureau Homeowners Insurance Per Month$84.96

Farm Bureau Howeowners Insurance Coverage

The next thing you may be thinking is “what does Farm Bureau homeowners insurance cover?”. To start off with, Farm Bureau homeowners insurance covers several baseline things: they offer dwelling protection, which protects your private residence, as well as personal property protection (your furniture, artwork, possessions, etc.), protection for other structures (e.g. garage), and loss of use coverage in the case of your home being damaged by a covered loss. They also cover personal liability if someone is injured or property is damaged due to your negligence, as well as medical payments to others if someone is injured while at your home. Farm Bureau also allows you to add additional coverage options to your homeowners insurance, such as umbrella policy to protect your personal assets, earthquake and flood insurance, personal property floater endorsement to protect your more valuable items such as jewelry and silverware, and boat and ATV endorsement for your vehicles. You can mix and match optional coverages with your standard policy to make your Farm Bureau homeowners insurance perfectly tailored to you and your needs.
As is the case with many homeowners insurance policies offered by insurance providers across the nation, Farm Bureau homeowners insurance, though it may cover “sudden and accidental” water damage such as that caused by burst pipes, does not cover flood damage. If you need reassurance that your personal belongings will be protected in the case of damage or loss caused by a flood, then you may need to add flood insurance to your homeowners insurance. This can be done through the National Flood Insurance Program. To determine if you even need flood insurance, you can determine the risk level of the area you live in by either having a look at a flood map of where you live, or by checking if you live in a coastal region, flood plain, or dry land, as these are the most high-risk areas for flooding. Even if you do not live in these areas, however, this does not eliminate the chance of a flood occurring and damaging your property, so you may want to consider flood insurance regardless. The same goes for mold – mold is not covered by default by Farm Bureau homeowners insurance; in this case, you will need to talk to you Farm Bureau agents and look into adding additional coverage for fungi to your homeowners insurance (which covers mold).

How Much is Farm Bureau Homeowners Insurance Near You

As mentioned previously, it is difficult to know and compare the average rates for Farm Bureau homeowners insurance, as online quoting is not available. However, the cheapest membership costs around $20 to $75 annually, so you must bear this in mind if you decide to go forward with purchasing homeowners insurance from Farm Bureau, as you cannot get homeowners (or any) insurance from Farm Bureau without a Farm Bureau membership.

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Get a Farm Bureau Homeowners and Auto Insurance Discount

Many homeowners insurance providers that also offer auto insurance such as State Farm will offer you a discount if you bundle your homeowners insurance with your auto insurance, which can often save you around 15% on total insurance costs. If you are looking for an affordable policy for your home, then having this option could be an ideal money-saving strategy, so you may opt to look for insurers that offer an auto-homeowners insurance discount. For those of you looking to purchase Farm Bureau homeowners insurance, you will be glad to know that Farm Bureau offers auto insurance as well as homeowners insurance, and so will give you the option to bundle these two policies for a discount as well. They do this by allowing you to combine your homeowners insurance and your auto insurance into one policy, which means you will only have to pay the cost of one premium, which I’m sure is an attractive option for everybody as it means you get more out of what you pay. This will also save you the hassle of having to manage several different policies and payments at the same time, making your life easier and your insurance plan more organised.

Costs of Farm Bureau Homeowners Insurance Compared with Competitors

Unfortunately, it is difficult to compare Farm Bureau homeowners insurance cost with other competitor insurance providers as Farm Bureau does not offer online quoting. However, we do know that Farm Bureau requires you to first purchase a membership, which can cost minimum $20 to $75, which may make Farm Bureau more costly to some users as not many other insurers have this requirement. Though, we can look at the fact that Farm Bureau does offer a large array of discount and coverage options to save you money, which can put Farm Bureau homeowners insurance ahead of some other companies’ policies in terms of getting your money’s worth. This is because some insurance companies such as Lemonade may not offer as many discount or coverage options, meaning you may receive less than what you pay for in terms of quality or coverage.

Reaching Out to Farm Bureau Homeowners Insurance

There are many reasons as to why you may need to file a homeowners insurance claim to Farm Bureau – this can be if your property has sustained damage from a covered peril such as a fire, if a guest has become injured whilst on your property, you need hotel fees paid for because your home has been damaged, or a number of other scenarios. If you are in this situation, then there are a number of steps you should take. If you have already completed other more pressing tasks in the event of disaster, such as filing a police report in the case of theft or completing emergency repairs in the case of damage, then you can move onto filing your Farm Bureau homeowners insurance claim. To do this, you can either report your claim on their online service, or by contacting your agent, or calling their 24-hour Claims Centre toll-free – the Farm Bureau homeowners insurance phone number can be found on their website. Be sure to carefully document any damages with photos and other evidence, as these will form the basis of the claim.
Although it is absolutely vital that you own homeowners insurance in order to protect your home and your personal belongings, it is possible that Farm Bureau homeowners insurance simply is not right for you. Your reasons may include wanting different coverage options, or other discount options, or perhaps Farm Bureau homeowners insurance simply is not affordable enough for you anymore. Whatever the reason may be, you can cancel your Farm Bureau insurance in a relatively easy manner – all you need to do is either submit a request through their online website by logging into your online account, contact your Farm Bureau agent, or call the Customer Service Center, whose phone number you can find easily on the Farm Bureau website. You may need to provide a reason for your cancellation. Once you have cancelled your Farm Bureau homeowners insurance policy, I would highly recommend that you either already have another insurance company on hand to repurchase a homeowners policy or find one as soon as possible, as you never know when your property may be lost or damaged.

Deciding on Whether Farm Bureau is Right for Your Home

If there is anything that you should take away from this article, then it’s the fact that owning homeowners insurance is incredibly important if you are currently in possession of a property, or plan to purchase one soon. Farm Bureau homeowners insurance is a decent option if you are looking for a company to purchase homeowners insurance from, as it is relatively affordable and offers you a great range and variety of both coverage options and discount options, meaning you can customise your policy to be tailored specifically to you and what you need out of your homeowners insurance. However, the annual membership fee may be off-putting to some, so at the end of the day it is always a good idea to shop around a bit and compare the homeowners policies of several different insurance companies in your area. With the advice and information given to you in this article, you will be able to find a Farm Bureau homeowners insurance quote, and if this company is not for you, then you will eventually find the perfect insurance provider for you.