The Hartford Homeowners Insurance Review

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Does The Hartford Offer Homeowners Insurance

Many insurance services are provided by The Hartford, but does The Hartford offer homeowners insurance? With the Homeowners Insurance Program From The Hartford, you can get covered directly. Homeowners insurance is important and The Hartford is ready to do what it takes to provide you with a policy that is right for you. The Hartford offers coverage to ensure that your home, your personal items, and your bank account in the event of a liability or lawsuit are protected. If your home requires urgent repairs or is uninhabitable, The Hartford will help to provide you with a temporary living arrangement. By working with The Hartford, we are able to provide home coverage nationwide. And getting started is easy! Our online quote tool enables you to choose the coverage you need and you will get a premium quote within minutes. The Hartford consistently aims to offer affordable rates for those looking for coverage on a budget.
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The Hartford Homeowners Insurance Review and Costs

In The Hartford homeowners insurance review, The Hartford offers its customers affordable rates, great customer service, and a wide range of coverage. The Hartford is comparable to other insurers in regard to insurance offerings and coverage details, but The Hartford distinguishes itself as one of the top insurance companies since it provides affordable rates and use of their online platform. In addition, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates The Hartford as an A+ business. The Hartford enables policyholders to have clear and convenient options for paying, as well as using and accessing their insurance information. Leading the industry in concise and helpful service, The Hartford is constantly improving their capabilities. At a glance, the homeowners insurance cost is an affordable option in comparison to competitors. The national average for The Hartford homeowners insurance price ranges from $590 a year for basic coverage to $1,340 or more each year for more comprehensive coverage. But keep in mind that pricing varies greatly depending on your location and other details. The coverage that you are seeking and the property you are located on have an impact on your insurance rates.
The Hartford Homeowners Insurance High-Level ReviewBy the Numbers
BBB rating for The Hartford Homeowners InsuranceC+
The Hartford Renters Insurance JD Power Rating3/5
Avg. Cost for The Hartford Homeowners Insurance Yearly$906.44
Avg. Cost for The Hartford Homeowners Insurance Per Month$75.54

The Hartford Howeowners Insurance Coverage

It’s important to know what The Hartford homeowners insurance covers when deciding which policy is right for you. The Hartford insures damage to your home and other listed structures on the property unless the cause of damage is specifically excluded from your policy. This can include hail damage and wind damage. Theft of or damage to personal property, such as furniture, is also insured. There is coverage on jewelry stolen from your home, however the coverage is often limited, but most policies will not cover your jewelry. If you are especially concerned about any collectibles you may have, you might be interested in a homeowners policy endorsement. Personal liabilities and legal expenses or medical bills that result from an accident of a visitor in your home are also covered. Any additional costs that are caused due to a covered loss are also insured. For instance, if a storm makes your home uninhabitable and you need a temporary living area, the cost would be covered.
Water damage is oftentimes not covered by homeowners insurance alone. The Hartford’s homeowners insurance covers water damage when the cause of the water damage occurred from snowstorm or rain damage, plumbing issues within the home (such as faulty plumbing or burst pipes), water damage from extinguishing a fire, a leaking roof (coverage only applies to the roof interior), accidental overflow of an appliance or fixture, or vandalism. But does The Hartford homeowners insurance cover mold? When mold is caused by water damage that was previously listed as covered causes, then yes. In regards to water damage, does The Hartford homeowners insurance cover flood damage? The Hartford homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood damage, but The Hartford does offer a separate policy for flood insurance. Flood insurance covers more severe water damage, such as flooding from coastal storms, and insures beyond the water damage coverage of the standard homeowners policy. Various structural elements of the home and any damaged personal property in the event of a flood is covered by flood insurance. The foundation of your home, the critical systems that operate within your home, and the flooring within your home are also covered. Personal belongings and damage done within the basement may not qualify for coverage.

How Much is The Hartford Homeowners Insurance Near You

Insurance cost can be a deciding factor for some people when choosing their policy, so how much is homeowners insurance through The Hartford? The national average for The Hartford homeowners insurance is around $965 per year, but keep in mind that factors such as your location and your policy coverage have a large effect on your premium. The most expensive state for The Hartford homeowners insurance is Alabama, with a premium rate of around to $1,340. The least expensive state for The Hartford homeowners insurance is Idaho, with a premium rate of around $590. But don’t let these numbers entirely influence your decision. Homeowners insurance premiums depend on many factors, so it would be beneficial to request a personalized quote for the most accurate pricing.

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Get a The Hartford Homeowners and Auto Insurance Discount

If you are looking for a discount on your premium, The Hartford offers discounts for customers who fit specific criteria. Your location and policy details will affect the amount of the discount that you get, but every customer is eligible for a discount on multi-policy insurance. The Hartford’s multi-policy insurance offers up to a 25% discount on those who are looking to bundle auto and homeowners insurance. You are eligible for both the multi-car and the multi-policy discount if you are insured with multiple policies and with multiple vehicles. You can also receive The Hartford’s homeowners insurance discount if you are claim-free, if you are a student or have previously attended college, or if you are a member of AARP. While not everyone is eligible for every discount, there are even more discounts or promotions possible if you call The Hartford. A customer representative will help inform you of all of your options and potential discounts. You can get a quote for more information and a more specific and personalized estimate on your premium.

Costs of The Hartford Homeowners Insurance Compared with Competitors

While searching for an insurance policy, comparing The Hartford homeowners insurance cost with competitors might be helpful. In regard to pricing, The Hartford’s competitor with the highest expenses - Liberty Mutual - has premiums that average around $2,227, making The Hartford homeowners highest insurance cost on average around $887 less. The Hartford’s competitor with the least expenses - Progressive - has premiums that average around $1,056 which is about $466 higher than The Hartford’s lowest average insurance cost. The majority of competitors offer policies with similar coverage, but some competitors, such as State Farm and Progressive, offer discounts for cautious homeowners who make an effort to provide extra safety precautions in their home. Such precautions could include having fire extinguishers or installing burglar alarms. Another competitor, Allstate, has a bundling discount of 25%, along with another discount for those over 55 years of age. When looking for a provider, request quotes from multiple companies and carefully compare their coverage policies.

Reaching Out to The Hartford Homeowners Insurance

As you are attempting to file The Hartford homeowners insurance claim, make sure to review your insurance policy and confirm that it covers the damage that you are attempting to claim. To begin filing a claim, go to The Hartford website and locate the “Personal Homeowners Report A New Claim” form. Make sure to identify yourself and your insured property, describe what caused property damage or loss, and indicate the extent of damage or loss. A claim handler will contact you within 1-2 days to discuss your claim. Next, fill out the claim documents provided to you by the insurer. If you wish to talk to a representative directly or if someone was injured, call 877-805-9918 if you are an AARP customer or 800-243-5860 if you are a regular policyholder.
If you experience the need to find how to cancel The Hartford homeowners insurance, The Hartford’s homeowners insurance cancellation policy allows you to cancel either immediately or for you to set a date in the future for which you want your policy to end. Customers may cancel The Hartford’s homeowners insurance at any time with no cost. The policyholder must speak directly to one of The Hartford’s customer service representatives to cancel The Hartford homeowners insurance since there is no way to cancel The Hartford’s homeowners insurance online. To begin canceling The Hartford homeowner's insurance policy, you will need your name, policy number, and the date you want your policy to end. With this information decided and accessible, call 1-800-423-6789 for AARP members or 1-877-896-9320 for regular policyholders and proceed through the automated response system to request the “cancel insurance policy” option. A trained live representative will then assist you through the step-by-step process of canceling The Hartford’s homeowners insurance. According to The Hartford insurance cancellation policy, customers must completely pay the remaining balance of their account and The Hartford will refund any unused funds from the policy if the entire policy premium has been paid in the policy period.

Deciding on Whether The Hartford is Right for Your Home

Settling down into your home is not finalized until you have the proper insurance. Preparing for the unexpected is always important as a homeowner. The Hartford can help you figure out which policy would provide the best protection and security for you, your home, and your belongings. Owning a home is a big investment, and taking time to consider and compare your options is a big step in securing your safety and protection in the event that something unexpected occurs. If you use our website to get The Hartford’s homeowners insurance quote, we can help match you to the policy that is best for you and give you a price estimate. Remember that we are available to answer any questions that may arise and help you through this process. If you have bought a new home or new furniture recently, your homeowners policy may need an upgrade. With The Hartford’s fast and simple quote service, it’s easy to get a quote on your premium and decide which policy is right for you.