Homeowners Insurance in California

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Finding the Best Homeowners Insurance in California

It has one of the world's largest insurance market reach, running into hundreds of billions of dollars. The Golden State is one of the toughest states for homeowners seeking coverage from perils such as wildfires. The state has a rich history of falling prey to wildfires. Last year, wildfires in California burned an astonishing 4,7 million acres of land, and about 200thousand people got displaced. This statistics is from the Insurance Information Institute. In 2019 alone, 50,477 wildfires were recorded, a significant drop from the previous year (2018) of 58,083 recorded wildfires. The risk associated with wildfires means that homeowners insurance companies are no longer offering the same broad spectrum they do for other states. Most homeowners insurance companies dropped many of their coverages; some hiked their rates and other limited options for consumers. California is the most prone area to wildfire in the United States. Unlike other areas, California's frequent drought and dry climate mean homes running into millions are in danger of severe fire damage. Cheap homeowners insurance in California is practically non-existent, at least depending on what cheap means to you. Finding the best California homeowners insurance quotes is tricky.
California Homeowners Insurance Cost Broken DownCosts
Yearly Cost of Homeowners Insurance in California$989.00
Costs Per Month for Homeowners Insurance in California$82.42

How Much is Homeowners Insurance in California

The average homeowner's insurance rates in California is $1,826, making it the 11th most expensive state in the United States for homeowners insurance. It is above the United States homeowners insurance average of $1.445. It is more expensive than 39 other states in the United States. The average monthly homeowners' insurance rate in California is $152.16. Note that this rate is the state average, and it varies from city to city, with some cities having lower than the average and some higher than the average. Several factors add to the relative cost of homeowners insurance in California. The wildfires and other natural disasters play a substantial contributing factor in California. The burglary count in California is 197,404 annually. The theft count is 656,517. These also play a role, even though smaller, in the cost of homeowners insurance in The Golden State. The cheapest city for homeowners insurance in California is Oxnard, with an annual average cost of $1,318, which is 28% lower than the state average of $1,826. Some other affordable cities in California for homeowners insurance in Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Lompoc, Santa Barbara and Paso Robles. The costliest city for homeowners insurance in California is Chula Vista, with an annual average cost of $2,931, which is 60% higher than the state average of $1,826. Some other expensive cities in California are Los Angeles, Compton, Palmdale, Berkeley and Calexico. The percentage of homeowners occupied 30% or more on rent and utilities in California is 52.5%, making it the number one defaulting state of the recommended 30% rule.

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California Homeowners Insurance Laws

California homeowners insurance laws had changed since 2003 when fires ravaged the Southern California landscape and destroyed many homes. Many of the destroyed homes were homes that had no homeowners insurance. Ever since that event, debates and a few legislations were passed to benefit and protect homeowners from losing all with no backup insurance. Senate Bill 64 is one of such pieces of legislation successfully passed. It provides for homeowners insurance companies and the homeowners to resolve disputed claims with the CDI at the cost of the insurer (approximately $1,500). Another legislation passed is Senate Bill 1855. This bill answers the lingering question in your mind, what are the California homeowners insurance requirements? This bill requires homeowners insurance companies to provide better and transparent disclosure about the costs of replacements. It expresses states that the costs of a rebuild may exceed policy limits on specific policies. The Assembly Bills 2199 and 2962 give homeowners more flexibility in reconstruction timing and assured one-time renewal in a total loss situation. California has one of the worst wildfires records in the world, and coincidentally the insurance market there is one of the biggest in the world. As a homeowner in California, do well to take advantage of homeowners insurance.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover in California

Before purchasing a homeowner insurance cover in California, you first have to find out the areas homeowners insurance covers and areas it does not cover. Typical homeowner insurance will cover dwelling, other structures, personal property and loss of use liabilities. Some homeowner insurance will include the four coverage mentioned in the typical homeowner insurance and two extras: personal and medical liability. The dwelling liability protects your home and other structures attached to it from damage caused by a covered peril. Personal property liability covers the content in your home, including your personal belongings. The personal property liability is limited to specific properties that are susceptible to loss, such as antiques, furs, jewellery, collectables, firearms, fine arts, silverware and money. If you want additional coverage on certain items, you have to purchase them separately. Perils covered by homeowners insurance policy include windstorm or hail, fire or lightning, explosion, aircraft, vehicles, riot or civil commotion, smoke, vandalism & malicious mischief, theft, volcanic eruption, weight of ice, snow, sleet, falling objects, breakage of glass and sudden & accidental water damage Perils not covered by homeowners insurance policy include earthquake, flood, earth movement, insects, rats or mice, water damage caused by seepage or leaks: termites, mold, insurrection, war, neglect, tidal wave, neglect and nuclear weapons.

Top Rated Homeowners Insurance Companies in California Based on Ratings

The best homeowners insurance companies in California include Allstate, Amica, Nationwide, Travelers, State Farm, USAA and Chubb. This California homeowners insurance companies list is just a highlight of the best companies offering homeowners insurance in California. Some other good companies with proper homeowners insurance offer not covered include Mercury, Safeco, Erie Insurance, and Southern California's auto club. Allstate is the top homeowners' insurance company for most people. Nationwide is the best for tremendous customer service; Travelers is the best for low insurance costs. State Farm is the best for bundling. USAA is the best for military families. Chubb is the best for high-value homes. State Farm homeowners insurance in California shares top spot with Amica based on combined ratings from J.D. Power Rating, AM Best Rating and BBB Rating. State Farm has a rating of 4 out of 5 from J.D Power Rating, an AM Best Rating of A++, and a BBB Rating of A. Amica has a rating of 5 out of 5 from J.D Power Rating, an AM Rating of A+ and a BBB Rating of A+. Erie Insurance has a ranking of 5 out of 5 from J.D. Power Rating, an AM Rating of A+ and a BBB Rating of A+.

How to Lower Homeowners Insurance in California

One of the best ways to lower homeowners insurance in California is to get California homeowners insurance discounts from different homeowners insurance providers. Homeowners insurance companies use discounts to lure customers into buying their products. Also, by stopping your smoking habits, you can help lower homeowners insurance in California if you have any. In America, there are over 8 thousand smoking-related fires yearly. Another way to lower homeowners insurance in California is to fix the roof, plumbing or wiring. If you live in an older home, fixing or updating these can improve the value of your home by reducing your premiums. A pool is fun, but it is not a great idea to put in your home if you aim to lower your homeowners' insurance premium. Pools increase your premiums and your liability. By installing safety devices in your home can also lower homeowners insurance in California. By installing a smoke alarm, having fire extinguishers or out of and installing home security cameras, your premiums will reduce, and you add value to your home. Increasing your deductible is another way to save money and lower homeowners insurance in California.

Compare Homeowners Insurance in California Before Buying

You compare homeowners insurance in California to find the most affordable homeowner insurance in California for you. Insurance companies base their premiums on the rates approved by the California Department of Insurance. These rates help determine the premiums they charge for homeowners insurance, discounts and extra costs for additional coverage. Shopping for homeowners insurance in California can be cumbersome with loads of data available. California has one of the world's biggest insurance market. Comparing different companies rates and their offerings will help you reach a better conclusion than randomly picking any. Homeowners insurance companies offer discounts when you purchase more than one of its policy. The discount can be as much as 15%. The chief reason why you need to compare homeowners insurance in California before purchasing is to pick the best value for money. Your budget also plays a part.