Safeco Homeowners Insurance Review

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Does Safeco Offer Homeowners Insurance

Founded in 1923 by Hawthorne K. Dent, Safeco offers auto and vehicle insurance, property insurance, pet insurance and identity recovery coverage. Safeco homeowners insurance is one of its best insurance coverage under property insurance. At its inception, Safeco was known as General Insurance Company of Nigeria. In 2008, Safeco became part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance. The strength of its new owners allowed it to concentrate on providing personal insurance. Safeco has an extensive network of local independent agents across the United States. In 2006, Safeco made an impressive sales revenue of $6.29 billion and a net income of $880 million. Safeco employs more than 8,000 employees, who work in different states across the United States. Safeco is an abbreviation for Selective Auto and Fire Ensurance Company of America. Safeco homeowners insurance gives you flexible options to choose from. Whether you need a package that has the basic coverage or one with fully loaded policy and increased protection, Safeco has both.
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Safeco Homeowners Insurance Review and Costs

Safeco provides excellent insurance cover for homeowners. It is comparable with other insurance providers in terms of the quality of the offering. On Nerd Wallet, Safeco enjoys a high rating of 4 out of 5. Safeco homeowners cost is relatively affordable. A quote from a middle-aged man living in Ohio bought back an estimated rate of $1,030 per year. This quote covers basic coverage. It is challenging to predict homeowners insurance rates because insurance providers offer different personalized quotes to different customers. Insurance companies consider factors such as the size of your home, the location and your creditworthiness. The average Safeco homeowners insurance price in the United States is $1,192 per year. To get a personalized cost, you need to contact the Safeco's independent agents in your locality. From the information you provide, they will give you a quote. Safeco has mixed consumer service reviews. It is not the best in terms of customer service. J.D. Power Score gave it a score of 2 out of 5. AM Best Rating gave it a score of A. BBB Rating gave it a score of A+ and Simple Score gave it a score of 4.
Safeco Homeowners Insurance High-Level ReviewBy the Numbers
BBB rating for Safeco Homeowners InsuranceA
Safeco Renters Insurance JD Power Rating3/5
Avg. Cost for Safeco Homeowners Insurance Yearly$1,494.40
Avg. Cost for Safeco Homeowners Insurance Per Month$124.53

Safeco Howeowners Insurance Coverage

Safeco Homeowners Insurance covers a lot of grounds. What does Safeco homeowners insurance cover? Safeco Homeowners Insurance covers the necessary insurance coverages such as personal property, dwelling and liability structure. In addition to this, all homeowners insurance policies cover temporary housing. If your home gets damaged, the insurance covers the cost of renting a place until the repairs to your apartment are complete. The insurance covers damage caused by vehicles, aircraft, explosion, riot or civil commotion, fire or lightning, smoke damage, vandalism, windstorm or hail and volcanic eruption. The dwelling coverage protects your home from damage unless the damage is not included in your insurance policy. It also covers damage to property as outlined in your policy. It is those perils listed about. There is a limited coverage option in the range of $500-$2000 for stolen jewellery from your home. This requires you to add a homeowners policy endorsement to get it. Personal liability coverage is also included.
Safeco Homeowners Insurance does not typically cover flood damage. As a homeowner, understand what your homeowners' insurance covers and what it doesn't is something you must know to prevent making claims that are not included in your policy. Safeco homeowners insurance is comprehensive, but it still excludes some variables with its coverage limit. One of such variables is flood damage. Fire damage is well covered, but the flood isn't. If you want this, you can always talk to one of their agents to get a quote, separate from the normal. It is not only Safeco homeowners insurance that does not cover flood; it is the norm for homeowners insurance providers to exclude it from its coverage. Does Safeco homeowners insurance cover mold? The answer is yes. Safeco homeowners insurance covers mold damage. It will only cover it if a covered peril is what caused it to happen. Apart from within the covered peril, Safeco insurance company is not bound to cover mold damage caused by other sources. For example, it does not cover mold damage that arises from flooding, preventable water leak or high humidity. Preventable maintenance issues are not paid for by Safeco homeowners insurance.

How Much is Safeco Homeowners Insurance Near You

The price of Safeco homeowners insurance varies for different states and as a result of other factors. The average cost for Safeco homeowners insurance is about $2,000 per year. The cheapest state for Safeco home insurance in Hawaii with a cost of $703 per annum. The most expensive state for Safeco home insurance in Florida with an annual cost of $6,892. Other expensive states and their average cost include Louisiana with an average cost of $6,115 per annum, Alabama - $4,532, Oklahoma - $4,454. Arkansas - $4,026, Texas - $3,306, Missouri - $3,121, Kansas - $3,170, South Carolina - $2,833 and Tennessee - $2,820.

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Get a Safeco Homeowners and Auto Insurance Discount

Enjoy premium Safeco homeowners and auto insurance without having to pay so much for it. Safeco homeowners insurance discount is just what you need to save you from spending so much on insurance. You can bundle auto and homeowners insurance with Safeco to enjoy amazing discounts. Safeco will offer you discounts if you are using more than one of its insurance covers to save some money for you. Safeco homeowners insurance has tremendous value for you. You enjoy discounts for incentives such as having a fires sprinkler system installed in your home and a burglar alarm. Also, if you live close to a fire station, you may be eligible for its discount. To find out if you qualify for Safeco homeowners insurance and auto discount, you can contact the local Safeco independent agent for more clarity. The agent will identify the discount offers available for you. With a package deal, such as when you bundle homeowners and auto policies as one Safeco package, you are automatically eligible for a 15 per cent discount. Also, you enjoy multiple policy discounts when you get insurance cover for your boat, motorcycle or RV. If your home is not up to ten years old, you are eligible to receive discounts under the newer homes discount policy by Safeco.

Costs of Safeco Homeowners Insurance Compared with Competitors

Safeco homeowners insurance cost an average of $2000 in the United States. Some of the competitors for Safeco include Allstate, Geico, Progressive and State Farm. Allstate has one of the most expensive homeowners insurance. Allstate homeowners insurance cost $1,265, a few hundreds more than Safeowners average homeowners insurance cost at $1,030. On the J.D Power customer satisfactory survey, Geico has an average score, similar to the score of Safeco homeowners insurance. The difference between Safeco and Geico is that Geico does not sell its insurance policy; Safeco focuses on personal insurance policies. Progressive, another competitor for Safeco, just like Geico, does not offer its insurance policies; instead, it teams up with partner lenders in your area. On the J.D Power customer satisfaction survey, it records an average score. Safeco and State Farm offer a flexible insurance policy which homeowners can easily customize to suit their needs.

Reaching Out to Safeco Homeowners Insurance

Safeco homeowners insurance claim is easy to file. You can decide not to visit any of their branches or partners and still file a claim. From your home, you can file a claim through their website and expect timely processing, if you do not want to use the website and want to talk directly to the Safeco customer support team. The Safeco homeowners' insurance phone number is 1-800-332-3226. Safeco makes it easy and convenient for you to file a homeowners insurance claims. You can use either your mobile devices or your desktop to file the claim. Filing of applications is open 24/7. You can submit the claim at any time, whether it is early in the morning or late at nighs. Safeco will guide you through all the steps you need to take while filing your claims. In filing a claim, you have to explain what happened, the location of the damaged property, the damage extent and if you contacted authorities, which and their report number.
Cancel Safeco homeowners insurance is pretty straightforward. You can cancel your Safeco homeowners insurance at any time; you are not under any compulsory agreement that stops you from doing so. How to cancel Safeco homeowners insurance online? Log in to their website, contact your local agent and request cancellation of your insurance policy. Safeco homeowners insurance cancellation policy has no severe conditions attached. To cancel your Safeco homeowners insurance coverage through the phone, contact Safeco customer service on 1 (800) 332-3226. Ask to speak to a representative. The representative will ask for your policy number and customer details. Ask that they cancel your contract and any recurring payments attached to your accounts. The representative may ask you to follow up questions and require a confirmation email.

Deciding on Whether Safeco is Right for Your Home

Safeco is one of the best insurance companies that provide homeowners insurance. Since 1923, the company has put smiles on the faces of millions of Americans. The average cost of Safeco homeowners insurance is about $1,100 per annum. It can be as low as $800 or as high as $1400, depending on some factors. Such factors include your location and the risk factors associated with your home. To get a Safeco homeowners insurance quote, you have to contact the local Safco representative or any of its partners for unique quotes to your locality. You can also get a quote through its website. Safeco Homeowners Insurance covers the necessary insurance coverages such as personal property, dwelling and liability structure. Look at their insurance policy to find out what they include and what they do not. Their policies are flexible, and you can get tailored homeowners insurance coverage at a separate fee.