Travelers Homeowners Insurance Review

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Does Travelers Offer Homeowners Insurance

Travelers Homeowners Insurance is one of the oldest insurance companies in the United States. Founded in 1853 as St. Paul Fire and Marine, it covers a wide range of insurance services such as home insurance and auto insurance. In 2004 it was renamed as the Travelers Companies. Travelers have an extensive network of local independent agents across the United States. It has the sixth-largest network for personal insurance through independent agents. It has approximately 14,000 independent agents and brokers attached to it. Travelers recorded a revenue of US$31.581 billion and an operating income of US$3.138 billion. Travelers employ more than 31 thousand employees. Travelers offer competitive homeowners insurance. It gives you flexible options to pick from. If you need a simple package or one with fully loaded policy and increased protection, Traveler has both. Travelers Homeowners Insurance covers personal liability and ensures your properties from damage.
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Travelers Homeowners Insurance Review and Costs

Traveler has an excellent package for homeowners. It is one of the best homeowners insurance providers in the United States and comparable to others in terms of quality. On Nerd Wallet, Traveler performance score is average. It has a competitive price for its homeowners' insurance. Traveler homeowners insurance cost an average of $1400. This figure is an average cost, and it may differ from state to state. This quote also highlights only the basic homeowners insurance coverage, if you want more coverage than the basics, you can request a quote with your needs from its website or through any of its agents. Traveler homeowners insurance price differs as a result of factors such as state of residence and size of the home. It is best for those who want to have a customized homeowners insurance coverage different from the general one. Traveler has mixed consumer service reviews. J.D. Power Score gave it a score of 2 out of 5. It has a BBB Rating of A.
Travelers Homeowners Insurance High-Level ReviewBy the Numbers
BBB rating for Travelers Homeowners InsuranceA+
Travelers Renters Insurance JD Power Rating3/5
Avg. Cost for Travelers Homeowners Insurance Yearly$1,816.60
Avg. Cost for Travelers Homeowners Insurance Per Month$151.38

Travelers Howeowners Insurance Coverage

The spectrum of Travelers homeowners insurance covers a large list of possible damages and liabilities. Traveler homeowners insurance is customizable and flexible to reflect the needs of different homeowners. The basic homeowners' insurance covers damages as a result of fire, vandalism, lightning and hail. As an industry policy, damages caused by earthquakes and floods are not included in the basic homeowner insurance policies. Additional coverage is available in other policy plans. Note that these additions will significantly increase the cost of the homeowners' insurance. There are many homeowners insurance coverage. Dwelling coverage covers damage to your home as a result of one of the perils included in the Travelers homeowners insurance policy. The structures coverage covers damages to detached structures such as sheds, garages and fences. The personal property coverage covers your personal items such as furnitures, electronics and clothes. Travelers homeowners insurance also provides for loss of use coverage. This coverage comes into effect if you have to move away from your home because of damages temporarily, Traveler will pay for your additional living expense.
Traveler homeowners insurance does not make provision for floor damage. All homeowners insurance providers do not include flood coverage in its homeowners' insurance policy. If the insurance company provides additional flood coverage, it is always separate from the homeowners' insurance and at quite costly. It is vital to know what homeowners' insurance covers and what it does not before making a commitment to purchasing it. To get Travelers homeowners, insurance water damage, you have to request a quote separate from the basic homeowners' insurance. Does Travelers homeowners insurance cover mold? Travelers homeowners insurance will only cover mold damage if it is caused by one of the covered perils in the homeowners' insurance policy. Apart from that, Travelers homeowners insurance is not under any obligation to cover mold damage caused by other factors. Some of these factors include mold caused by a preventable water leak, high humidity and flooding. Travelers home insurance covers molds if it is caused by the covered perils. In this case, Travelers will pay for mold clean-up, removal and repairs.

How Much is Travelers Homeowners Insurance Near You

The price of Traveler homeowners insurance varies for different states to states. Other factors such as the risk factor also play a part. The average cost for Traveler homeowners insurance is about $1,400 per year for homeowners insurance worth $75,000. The cheapest state for Traveler home insurance in Hawaii. The most expensive state for Traveler home insurance in Florida. Visit the Traveler website and input your location and it will bring competitive homeowners insurance rates personalized for you. You can contact their agents, customer care or visit one of their offices to get customized homeowners insurance.

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Get a Travelers Homeowners and Auto Insurance Discount

The benefit of getting traveler homeowners and auto insurance is that it makes you eligible for amazing price discounts. You can bundle auto and homeowners insurance with Traveler and pay significantly lower than you would if you purchased them separately. Traveler homeowners insurance discount will save you some money, making it more affordable. Apart from when you bundle traveler homeowners and auto insurance as one, Traveler will also offer you a discount if you use more than one of its insurance offerings. Travelers homeowners insurance has excellent value for your homes and vehicles. The coverage covers all the essentials protection you need for your home and cars. Another benefit is that when you combine both, you pay less but still enjoy the same benefits. Also, you receive discounts for incentives such as installing a fire sprinkler in your home. If your home is close proximity to a fire station, when you ask for a quote, Travelers will reduce the rates because of that proximity. There is also a discount for new homeowners whose home is less than ten years old. To find out more about Traveler homeowners insurance and auto discount, you can contact the local Traveler independent agent for more clarity. The agent will identify the discount offers available for you.

Costs of Travelers Homeowners Insurance Compared with Competitors

Traveler homeowners insurance cost an average of $1400 in the United States. Competitors for Travelers include Allstate, Geico, Safeco, Amica and State Farm. State Farm has one of the most expensive homeowners insurance of the homeowners insurance providers listed above. The cost of State Farm is set at $2,375 for homeowners insurance cover worth $75,000. This is almost a thousand dollars more than the cost of Traveler homeowners insurance. The cheapest is All state with an average cost of $985 for homeowners insurance cover worth $75,000. Travelers homeowners insurance is about $450 more expensive than Allstars. On the J.D Power customer satisfaction survey, it records an average score. State Farm enjoys the best rating on the J.D Power customer satisfaction survey. Traveler has an extensive network of partners through which it sells it insurance. State Farm and Traveler offer flexible and customizable homeowners insurance than the rest.

Reaching Out to Travelers Homeowners Insurance

Filing a Traveler homeowners insurance claim is pretty straightforward. There are several ways to approach file a traveler homeowners insurance claim. You can visit one of their physical branches or partners to file your claim. Another way is to go digital and file your claims through their website. You can use any of your gadgets, such as mobile phones and laptops. You can file your claim and expect to get feedback that your claim is under review. Travelers customer service is responsive for claims request. You can also get in touch with its customer care centre for directions on how to file your claims. Traveler Homeowners Insurance phone number is 1-800-328-2189. Travelers Homeowners Insurance email is on its website, you have to fill out a contact card and then type your query, and the customer service centre will respond to it. You can fill your claim any time of the day and any day of the week. When filing your claim, you have to provide information like what happed, the damage extent and others.
Cancel Traveler homeowners insurance is easy to achieve with minimal effort. Travelers homeowners insurance cancellation policy does not put a limit to when you can carry or is there a penalty for it. How to cancel Safeco homeowners insurance online? You cannot cancel the policy online, but you can find out more information about how to go about it from its website. If you have activated an auto-renewal, you can cancel at any time you want. To cancel your Traveler homeowners insurance coverage through the phone, contact Traveler customer service on is 1-800-328-2189. Talk to the customer care and tell them you wish to cancel your plan. The representative will ask you for some information to authenticate that you are the legitimate owner of the account.

Deciding on Whether Travelers is Right for Your Home

Traveler homeowners insurance is one of the most flexible and customizable insurance packages in the industry. The cost of Traveler homeowners insurance is about $1,400 per annum for its $75000 policy limit. The price varies and can be higher or lower than the average in different states. Factors that affect the price include the state of residence and the risk factors associated. Get a Traveler homeowners insurance quote from their website that is unique and suitable for you. You can get a quote by contacting their customer support at is 1-800-328-2189. Traveler Homeowners Insurance covers the basic homeowners' insurance plan, such as a dwelling. Personal property, loss of use and liability structure. Visit the Travelers website for more information about their homeowners' insurance and other insurance offerings.