USAA Homeowners Insurance Review

Choosing a home insurance company requires much precision. This USAA homeowners insurance review will help you to decide rightly.

Does USAA Offer Homeowners Insurance

The United States Automobile Association, USAA, one of the fully integrated financial services organizations in America, provides a broad range of insurance services, including homeowners insurance. Although their services which are a reflection of their mission statement is offered only to former and current military personnel and their families, providing them with a large number of homeowners insurance options at a relatively reasonable price. They have managed to remain one of the top ten largest home insurance providers and can reasonably answer the question, does USAA offer homeowners insurance? Homeowners insurance policies protect homeowners against everything from theft, fire, vandalism, natural disaster, liability, and provides up to $5000 in identity theft coverage. Popularly known with the phrase, “it’s not a house-it’s a home”, USAA homeowners insurance has adequately defined the standards of what a homeowners insurance policy should be. Unlike most homeowners insurance companies, USAA completely covers the entire cost of fixing the damages in your home. Overall, the USAA homeowners insurance is the right choice for anyone who fits the target audience.
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USAA Homeowners Insurance Review and Costs

USAA: A reliable auto insurer and user-friendly service. Individuals and families of the United States military are assured of best rates and quality service when they choose USAA homeowners insurance scheme. With a 5/5 score from the J.D. Power’s 2019 U.S Home Insurance Study and property claim satisfaction and an A++(superior) rating on AM financial strength rating, the USAA homeowners insurance review consists of mostly delighted customers. The average national cost of USAA homeowners insurance is $1127. However, determining your own USAA homeowners insurance price mainly depends on your total replacement cost. One great way to estimate your USAA homeowners insurance cost will be to take a record of all your personal belongings. The Better Business Bureau, BBB rates USAA insurance a B+ with many of the complaints coming from customers who may have had some issues with USAA customer service at their most stressful moments. That is not uncommon in the insurance industry, and although USAA may have received some complaints in the past, it has received fewer than most of its counterparts in the industry.
USAA Homeowners Insurance High-Level ReviewBy the Numbers
BBB rating for USAA Homeowners InsuranceN/A
USAA Renters Insurance JD Power Rating5/5
Avg. Cost for USAA Homeowners Insurance Yearly$1,170.40
Avg. Cost for USAA Homeowners Insurance Per Month$97.53

USAA Howeowners Insurance Coverage

In deciding whether USAA is a good option for your home, one mindboggling question you may have would be, what does USAA homeowners insurance cover? The USAA homeowner insurance policy offers all of the essential elements of homeowners insurance. Personal liability coverage which gives you protection when someone injures on your property. Personal belongings coverage which protects your valuables. Dwelling coverage which is essential for those living in areas with a high level of hurricane disaster as it covers the entire repair of the home after any occurrence. Loss of use which includes any additional cost of living if your home is not habitable after a covered loss. Additional structural coverage which covers your gardens, yard, barn, driveway, and fences destroyed in the course of any incident. Military uniform coverage which offers active duty or deployed military personnel to replace their uniform with no deductible applied. Depending on your policy, you may also be eligible for identity theft coverage and umbrella insurance. Earthquake coverage and home-sharing coverage for those who rent out their homes are available in some states.
While most homeowners insurance covers damage from natural disasters and fire, it may not cover flooding that seeps into your apartment and cause devastating losses to your personal belongings. The big question will be, does USAA homeowners insurance cover flood damage? USAA offers flood damage insurance as an optional coverage when customizing your home insurance policy. The USAA homeowners insurance water damage covers damages caused by water leaks while their flood damage insurance covers all damages caused by natural flood disasters. However, USAA or its affiliates does not fund flood insurance. Instead, it is provided by the USAA General indemnity company through an arrangement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The federal government determines flood risk level by factors such as property elevation and distance to high flood zones and possess the financial responsibility for funding losses caused by flood damage. USAA also covers mold damage due to flood and will remove the mold from your home so that you can live comfortably. However, they do not cover damage that was caused solely by the mold. So, does USAA cover mold damage? Yes, however, flood and mold damage insurance, just like any insurance policy, won’t cover all things. It solely depends on you to choose the specifics that you want to be covered while also considering your budget.

How Much is USAA Homeowners Insurance Near You

How much is homeowners insurance through USAA? The average homeowners insurance quote by the Insurance Information institute will cost $1,211. However, whatever insurance policy rate you choose depends on the geographical location of your home, its size, its age, and any additional details attached to the insurance policy. That could mean an increase or a reduction in your insurance payment. A USAA customer living in Oklahoma may pay more than the one living in Ohio because Oklahoma is considered an expensive state for USAA homeowners than Ohio because of the regularities of natural disasters.

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Get a USAA Homeowners and Auto Insurance Discount

USAA provides affordable home and auto insurance policies to military members and their families with an option to save more when you combine your home and auto insurance companies. Get a 10% bundle auto and homeowners insurance with USAA when you apply for an auto insurance and homeowner insurance policy together with them. A USAA homeowners insurance discount is open for any of their customers that use their USAA partnered ADT-home security professionally installed systems. Various amazing offers from ADT-home security includes a 100 dollar visa gift card, a pay later option and a 10% off monthly warranty. These options may vary according to geographical location so you may have to visit the USAA website and confirm the options available in your area. USAA also allows you to choose a higher deductible to reduce your auto insurance costs. You will have to only worry about covering the deductible amount in the event of a covered loss. Attractive benefits? There is more. If you haven’t filed any claim in 5 years or more, USAA offers a 10% claim-free discount to its members. Also, consider being a USAA homeowners and auto insurance customer for a long number of years, and you may earn discounts for being loyal.

Costs of USAA Homeowners Insurance Compared with Competitors

When determining the best coverage that suits your home and fits your budget, you may want to consider all the options from the type of homeowner insurance policy you are most interested in, to the value of your personal belongings. The cost of USAA homeowners insurance is at an average annual cost of $1127. However, you can save more money when you opt for less coverage and more deductibles. With more competitors rising in the insurance industry, it is only wise that you compare the various costs and insurance policy that suits your home. Geico and Progressive do not offer their insurance policies but partners with other underwriters to provide you with coverage for your home damages. Allstate with an average annual cost of $1145 has a wide range of homeowners discounts and various options to customize your homeowners insurance policy to your taste. State Farm with an average annual cost of $1656 offers reliable homeowners insurance but have had its customer concerned because of a low rating from J.D. power’s study.

Reaching Out to USAA Homeowners Insurance

USAA ensures that its customers can file claims quickly and with as little stress as possible. When filing a USAA homeowners insurance claim, your go-to option is calling the customer service at 1(210)531-8722 or 1(800)531-8722. You could also visit the USAA website or the USAA mobile app and click on the “Report a claim” link. An adjuster usually contacts customers within two business days either through email or text or both. However, the gratitude of your claim and your availability may suggest how long your process would take. USAA then inspects the damage through a few methods depending on your type of claim. Based on your resolution choice, an estimated cost minus any deductibles will be paid according to your filed claims to cover the damages. You can also follow up your claim status through the website or the mobile app. You can then have your home repaired back to its original state. An exciting benefit of using USAA is that in some cases, the property being repaired or replaced may exceed the initial state.
You may decide to cancel your USAA homeowners insurance to prevent your premiums from rising or because you just as much as changed your mind. There are various options available on how to cancel USAA homeowners insurance. You can contact their customer support service, which is always available 24/7 at 1(210)531-8722 or 1(800)531-8722. Are you wondering how to cancel USAA homeowners insurance online? Log into your USAA account and privately message a customer service agent of your decision to cancel your insurance. In situations where they don’t respond to your messages, you can post a message in the USAA customer support forum. Although USAA prefers cancellation over the phone, you can also cancel your claims by email. This method takes more time, up to 30 days from when you sent out your letter. State why you would like to cancel the claim and include your full name, home address, USAA home insurance policy number, policy end date, signature and date. Mail to USAA, 9800 Fredricksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78288. USAA offers a free cancellation policy only to homeowners that request to cancel their homeowners insurance early.

Deciding on Whether USAA is Right for Your Home

Before deciding whether to purchase an insurance policy from USAA, you must be aware of USAA's preferred protection plan because your home is more than just a building with a roof as you may already know. Ultimately, USAA is not for everyone as they offer their services to active-duty and retired military personnel and their immediate families. Whatever your options are, whether a basic homeowners insurance policy or a more sophisticated insurance policy, as a former or active military personnel, USAA has got you covered. You can sign up for a USAA homeowners insurance policy on their website, and fill in the right information for details such as your gender, marital status, home address, citizenship status and social security number. However, if you still feel very indifferent about using the USAA homeowners insurance, you can get a free USAA homeowners insurance quote from the USAA website. That will help you compare the USAA’s bundled rates with its competitors and choose the best homeowners insurance policy for your home.