What Is A Homeowners Insurance Declaration Page

A homeowners declaration page sounds so official, but what does it do?

When you first start shopping around for homeowner's insurance, there is a lot of stuff that you might need to learn about. You'll need to get a crash course on liability coverage, different riders, the difference between premiums and deductibles, as well as all the typical conditions that you need to know about. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! One of the things that you might not have heard of quite yes is a homeowners declaration page, also known as a "deck page" for short. But, what is a homeowners insurance declaration page, and do you need to get one for your agent? Not quite. It's a page that your insurance agent will supply to you, and it's a great page to have on hand whenever things go sideways with your home. If you're brand new to insurance shopping, this little page will become your new best friend.

What Is a Homeowners Insurance Declaration Page?

Your homeowner's declaration page is a small page (or two, sometimes) that acts as a basic outline of what your homeowner's insurance plan covers. This usually takes the form of listing your basic coverage, as well as the maximum amount that you're covered for. Along with the basic coverage that you get, you usually will find a series of riders and waivers that you may have included on the plan beneath. This gives you a good idea of what you are covered for at a glance, and usually also comes with information on how to get a claim started. If you have a specific question about your general policy, the declaration page usually has the answer. Think of it as your very own "cheat sheet" when it comes to the things you need to have answered when you need to get clued in fast.
what is a homeowners insurance declaration page

Where Can I Find My Homeowners Insurance Declaration Page?

That's a great question, and the answer is pretty easy to explain. When it comes to your actual paper packet, the insurance declaration page is usually at the top of the packet. This makes it accessible for buyers. Most of the time, your insurance agent will mail you the declaration page as soon as you buy the policy. If you do not have a physical packet, it's usually emailed to you. Online accounts (and mobile accounts) will usually have a page on the app or site that explains your insurance policy. This is a more modernized deck page. If you can't find your declaration page, just ask your agent to print you a new one. You're legally entitled to have one as part of your insurance coverage, so your agent will be able to send it on your way or even email you a PDF of it.

homeowners declaration page

What Else Is Included in Your Declaration Page?

While the majority of your insurance declaration page will be dedicated to explaining the coverage, the limits, the liabilities, and the waivers, there are other things that you'll find on the declaration. Some of the more important things you might find a deal with the actual policy structure itself. You will be able to check out your monthly premiums, how much you'll owe through the period of coverage, as well as when your coverage period starts and ends. Any additional major legal stipulations that you might have that enforce or void the policy will also usually be at the bottom of the page. Another thing you can see on your page is the discounts that you qualified for. Some companies even offer up small "tip sheets" that tell you how you can save even more on premiums.